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  1. Because we don't have that ability in the game, those other cases we do.  Drizzle existed in gen 5 so the pokemon that got it at a later time were able to be given it. Competitive doesn't exist on any pokemon until gen 6 so it doesn't exist in our game at all to give it to a pokemon that gets it.

  2. Moving down from Ubers to OU:

    • Dugtrio
    • Wobbuffet - It was decided a long time ago at the time of its ban that once team preview was introduced, and Dugtrios nerf were carried out, that these two would be given another chance in the actual tiers.  As of the last last update both of these prerequisites have been met so these will both be returning to OU.

    It has already been done for a few days now but we will also be placing Zoroark in the Over-Used tier to start with.

  3. 2 minutes ago, Aard said:

    So I'm supposed to reduce the price of shinies across the market out of the goodness of my heart?  No thanks.  Link bonus to me to or no link.

    You don't seem to realize how to maximize the use of these buffs.  Group play is very much the best way to get the most out of your charms, and the most cost effective.

  4. 1 minute ago, pachima said:

    This still doesn´t make sense.  Why would charm grant bonus xp for one single golduck when it is fainting a horde of them?

    Note that the total sum of xp is indeed 3372 so, unless the message is misleading, if 3064 is the base xp for all golducks, 25% of that is what OP said, not 154.

    If you look at the screenshot its giving the individual bonus's for each golduck in different message, but the base exp showed is for the entire horde. 

    So lets assume this is a horde of 5 golduck, divide the base exp number by 5 and you get 612.8, now obviously this isn't correct because theres a little level variation but lets just go with it, 25% of 612.8,  153.2, thats just about the 154 bonus exp its displaying in each message.

  5. 3064 is probably the combined exp of all of the golduck you killed and 154 is probably the exp bonus from each individual golduck, if I were to guess.


    Just tested, the highest level golduck in the game which wouldn't be in a horde gives 1625 base exp so that pretty much confirms that theory.

  6. 18 minutes ago, Takens said:

    Then ban that shit, i want a meta not based on flinching to sweep. Something requiring more skills than just pressing a move and pray to flinch every turn.

    you never know what set a togekiss will run because of its move pool. i do think a meta without togekiss will be better for any playstyle.


    btw i remember someone saying Dugtrio would be having a nerf and being unbanned what happened with that?

    It is planned for dugtrio to have its stats reverted back to pre-gen VII iirc, when that will happen we will have to wait and see I guess.

    20 minutes ago, DaftCoolio said:




    12 minutes ago, Bubaili said:

    U dont understand my point. If Togekiss had only one build with this 60% flinch, it wouldnt be a problem that much, there would be counters to it and end of the problem.  But cz he can run many different builds which all get boosted with this 60% flinch rate, thats what makes it too strong. You cant be prepared to every of his builds.


    Thats what you already did with Nasty plot Cofa, Misdreavus, Outrage dragons, Draco meteor Hydrei. I dont see how nerfing serena grace or limiting the flinch rate to 30% would be that different. 

    We didn't remove Nasty plot from Cofa/Misdreavous, they just don't have the breeding chains needed to obtain those moves yet.  As for hydreigon, that is not a mechanic change, that is a learnset change.


    Anyways this is horribly off topic, if you would like to talk about any of those others, feel free to PM me or something, as this isn't the place for it.

  7. 40 minutes ago, Takens said:

    Next Arc will be about a new enemy named Moro which is speculated to be as the one that created Majin Buu.


    If you read the manga hes already been in 2 or 3 chapters and has had some backstory introduction already, specifically involving his relation to Majin Buu

  8. There are no usage based movements this month as nothing crossed the thresholds for movement, however:


    Banned from NU to BL2:

    • Honchkrow - After banning Absol, there was concern that Honchkrow would take its place, having very similar offensive power, ability, moves, coverage, and more. However, these pokemon were different enough that Honchkrow was given a chance in NU before being acted on. After letting in linger in NU for a while, it really has taken the spot Absol once occupied in the tier. As a result, for the same reasons as Absol was banned, Honckrow is banned from NU.




  9. If you're at your current level cap it will not let you use it on the pokemon.  If you are above your past level cap and have stored exp, make sure to gain exp normally before using a rare candy so any stored experience can be used, as using a rare candy currently destroys all stored experience.


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