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  1. Munya

    Rebattle trainers?

    You already can on a 6 hour i believe cooldown.
  2. Munya

    The possibility of a team bank?

    Its against the ToS to share accounts, you should not be doing this nor should you be suggesting others do this.
  3. Munya

    Berry growth rate data

    Fairly sure they'll give plain/very seeds of any taste listed as a requirement to grow them, so if it requires just plain spicy seeds to grow something you could get plain or very spicy seeds from harvesting.
  4. Munya

    I hope the Devs see this...

    I miss the like counter too
  5. Munya

    [Art][Sig] Paint Signatures

    does that walrus have 3 arms/flippers
  6. Munya

    NU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    Usage is still used for tiering yes, but even using the old cutoff points, 3.41% in UU isn't high enough to make it move up iirc.
  7. Munya

    Bug report

    make sure you are trying to post it in https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/11-bug-report/ and not the unresolved bug reports section.
  8. Munya

    Bug report

    Its a bug, it only appears to be accepting tiny mushrooms right now. In the future please use the bug reports section of the forums.
  9. Munya

    Metodo de Pago para LatinoAmerica

    please provide an english translation with your post.
  10. Munya

    Attack on Titan

    Spoiler tags exist.
  11. Munya

    Attack on Titan

    Been a while since I or anybody has posted in this thread, I don't know what to think of Eren anymore.
  12. Munya

    Hordes Notifications

    He means swarms, I'm sure.
  13. Munya

    Abilities in the pokedex

    I also believe it should show all abilities just catching one, maybe hidden being the exception but even then, probably better to just show it. You get access to all of its other information when you catch it and I don't see a reason for abilities to be any different.
  14. Munya

    Particles: Explained

    The child? Yes
  15. Munya

    Particles: Explained

    Once a particle is added to a pokemon it cannot be removed or swapped to another pokemon. You can disable particles in the particle tab though. Yes, you can pass particles to the offspring via breeding.
  16. Munya

    Sweet Scense / Recycle Smeargle

    Not for keeps no.
  17. The script involving ghetsis there was disabled, it shouldn't hinder story progression so just ignore its existance.
  18. Munya

    Singleplayer mode/Offline Mode for pokemmo

    I think darkshade replied pretty well with why this shouldn't be a thing so closing.
  19. Munya

    Glitch? Received a dead Mewtwo

    I meant reconnecting.
  20. Munya

    Glitch? Received a dead Mewtwo

    When you obtained the mewtwo did you do it in any special way? Was there anything unique about the way you knocked your opponents team out or anything weird that happened in that particular battle?
  21. Munya

    Glitch? Received a dead Mewtwo

    does relogging resolve the 0 hp?
  22. Munya

    Docs road to $1k

    lucky i mean locked
  23. Munya

    UU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    To those who posted in other languages, please provide English translations to them and for any future posts.

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