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  1. I think a good way to handle this would be if we used tags, then you could click on the tag you want which we would ideally have all of on one of the pinned topics, and it would filter out those types of events, OU, UU, NU, LC, Doubles, PvE, PvP or w/e would be most fitting.
  2. You couldn't even make golden bird nest hat a reality
  3. I don't think this is what he wants at all, if anything its potentially the opposite since if something like that were ever implemented we would have the ability to decide exactly how much currency, if any, the player ends up with. They would potentially be putting themselves at a disadvantage over what somebody who completed the story-line normally would have.
  4. Its only an egg moves on MMO currently, if that will change I cannot say at this time.
  5. Thats all there is to it, what information are you looking for? What all isn't the same, what has different rates etc? I do not have that information if so.
  6. Vanilla game hold rates are not the same as on MMO, just for reference, some thing may not even be held on thing that would be in normal games, or some things might hold things they normally wouldn't.
  7. Teleport takes you to the last pokecenter you visited, just visit the pokecenter closest to where you are sweet scenting.
  8. Only take one pokemon with you then, we will not be changing this particular mechanic if you have multiple pokemon in your team capable of being sent out. Perhaps bring a flying or levitate pokemon that won't be hit by earthquake instead.
  9. Munya

    Reaper Cloth

    Not a suggestion and resolved issue so locking.
  10. If you have a screenshot you would like to share please use in the future
  11. Because we don't have that ability in the game, those other cases we do. Drizzle existed in gen 5 so the pokemon that got it at a later time were able to be given it. Competitive doesn't exist on any pokemon until gen 6 so it doesn't exist in our game at all to give it to a pokemon that gets it.
  12. Its broken, disabled until further notice.
  13. We are aware of it, thank you for your report.
  14. wouldn't pay 1 yen for it
  15. Last post, I am #1 on the list regardless of what the OP says.
  16. It doesn't, but if you want to maximize the effect, you each get 1 charm, use them one at a time, get 4 hours of buff for the price of 1 each.
  17. You don't seem to realize how to maximize the use of these buffs. Group play is very much the best way to get the most out of your charms, and the most cost effective.
  18. If you look at the screenshot its giving the individual bonus's for each golduck in different message, but the base exp showed is for the entire horde. So lets assume this is a horde of 5 golduck, divide the base exp number by 5 and you get 612.8, now obviously this isn't correct because theres a little level variation but lets just go with it, 25% of 612.8, 153.2, thats just about the 154 bonus exp its displaying in each message.
  19. 3064 is probably the combined exp of all of the golduck you killed and 154 is probably the exp bonus from each individual golduck, if I were to guess. Just tested, the highest level golduck in the game which wouldn't be in a horde gives 1625 base exp so that pretty much confirms that theory.
  20. I think we fixed it so it did yes, it caused a crash before and iirc it was working after we fixed the crash.
  21. Munya

    Sell Pants pls

    As the above user has pointed out please use the Vanity Suggestion thread for making vanity related suggestions.
  22. One is a learnset change that effects a single pokemon another is a mechanic change that effects every pokemon that can learn and potentially use that move, entirely different things.
  23. I would like to nominate @Zehkar
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