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  1. I think its precisely because its an auction its less likely to happen for a whole team, unless for whatever awful reason nobody spends anything.
  2. Purchasing a whole team of players to spite is a lot less likely than purchasing a single individual to spite
  3. So what your saying is, if you don't want someone to be getting a prize this season to buy them and then never play them?
  4. This isn't a bug its an intentional change to prevent people who may not want something to evolve from evolving while they are in a dc'ed state.
  5. no, 15-15th, when the clock rolls over to the 15th tournaments being added ends.
  6. You two were asked to drop the petty personal attacks, please do not continue any further.
  7. Is this a question or a suggestion? If your asking if its in the game no. If your asking if it could eventually happen? Never say never I suppose.
  8. As the above user has stated, please use the ban appeals section if you have an issue with a ban.
  9. That was not your claim, nor is it what I was addressing. If you want to get into that thought, I did promote it, for 3 months straight, every day in global, during every ranked that came up to the point I was actually losing sleep doing it, players did not want to get involved, thats not a staff problem thats a player problem. You saying staff don't care is completely off base when they put in their time to give the competitive community something to do as shown in the forum section/thread I posted. Anyways, the OP has been answered, closing the thread.
  10. https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/36-pokemmo-official-events/
  11. Every mute could be avoided if people used the appropriate channels for different discussions, some topics/language are just not appropriate for the global setting, but nobody is going to hunt you down for talking about them in team/PM if that is the type of environment you want/have built for yourself.
  12. brb taking over this place and banning malorne
  13. Please use the vanity suggestion thread for all vanity related suggestions, you can locate it here:
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