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  1. Moving up to OU: Gastrodon - 6.18% usage in OU Mandibuzz - 6.07% usage in OU Umbreon - 4.74% usage in OU Kabutops - 4.61% usage in OU Down from OU to UU: Dugtrio - 2.96% usage in OU Ludicolo - 3.15% usage in OU Up to UU from NU: Vaporeon - 4.65% usage in UU Down to NU from UU: Machamp - 3.69% usage in UU Additionally, moving Down to NU from BL2: Absol Usage: Discussion thread:
  2. You are indeed correct, woops.
  3. Final month in a cycle, 4.36% to go either direction this month. Up to OU: Gastrodon Mandibuzz Umbreon Kabutops Down from OU to UU: Dugtrio Ludicolo Up to UU from NU: Vaporeon Down to NU from UU: Machamp The BL2 Mons are also currently being discussed for a re-test in the tier given the significant changes to it since they were banned. OU: UU: NU: Doubles: LC: Discuss away.
  4. Munya

    Recycle Bug

    this is a known issue, doesn't need a suggestion in suggestion box, in the future please make any bug related posts in bug reports.
  5. You can fly to abundant shrine, don't have to run back.
  6. I've done it manually, it doesn't make a difference.
  7. no movements this month so won't make a thread specifically to say that
  8. And then people would want things with low usage in PU to have its own tier, we do not have any interest in adding another tier/s.
  9. Its part of a 3 month cycle to maintain stable tiers for at least 3 months at a time rather than the way we used to have it where tiers were in constant flux with things moving back and forth every month, Next month is the end of the cycle and the cutoff to move both ways will be 4.36% which is the old cutoff point and allows for more things to move.
  10. At least from an official standpoint we will not be holding untiered tournaments as it is not an actual tier, it is in the name, untiered.
  11. 1.7 to go down, 6.7 to go up, nothing changes this month. OU: UU: NU: Doubles: LC: Discuss away.
  12. This is why you can't join TC
  13. Banned to Ubers: Wobbuffet : This is a temporary ban preceding balancing changes over the course of a few months once they occur where we will make changes to Wobbuffet/the ability shadow tag to attempt to try and balance the mon for singles play. The current plan of action is as follows: Nerf Shadow Tag to 3 turn maximum. If this does not resolve the issue; Nerf Shadow Tag to 2 turn maximum. If this does not resolve the issue; Remove Tickle or Encore. (Restore Shadow Tag to 3 turns?). If this does not resolve the issue; If all else fails, ban. Nothing else is moving. Usage thread: Discussion thread:
  14. Untiered is not an actual tier, NU has always used the 4.36% cutoff point and will continue to do so as there is no reason to use the weighted system for it, also 1.7 has never been used to move up, thats to move down, so half the stuff you mentioned, wouldn't have made it in anyway.
  15. this isn't the place to give event feedback, you are looking for this thread
  16. I didn't write it down, everything is still useable in NU though. And Untiered isn't actually a tier so We have no interest in adding another tier
  17. 1.7 to go down, 6.7 to go up, nothing changes this month. OU: UU: NU: Doubles: LC: We have also gone ahead and updated the NU/Untiered lists already live in game as neither of those are actual tier changes that would effect play as nothing changes in play-ability.
  18. If they aren't seeing the word Shiny litterally in the name, or the change in color of the pokemon, they probably aren't going to notice the change in name color.
  19. Outrages most original form was 90 BP
  20. Unfortunately it appears that it isn't possible on android as far as I can tell.
  21. Yes, shift + left click to select multiple pokemon, then right click and release to release everything selected.
  22. Munya

    Attack on Titan

    I still read it, once a month release though
  23. Its a known issue, it will be fixed next update.
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