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  1. Your elitism is showing

  2. Munya

    return channel 6

    Alright, no, there is no need for it, when more channels are necessary the game will auto-populate them. Unless that happens you are stuck with your base 5 channels as more are not necessary by default.
  3. Munya

    Attack on Titan

    This chapter... was so ridiculously good for something that so little happened in
  4. I vote that this thread be pinned and never deleted Featured on the front page of forums even.
  5. Please keep vanity related suggestions in the vanity specific thread
  6. I would like to thank pachima and JJ and all the other members of the Munyas Kecleons who without the help of this could never have happened so, one final time and perhaps the most emotional time for me I will ask Have Kecleons won yet?
  7. My God it happened, party at JJs
  8. Munya

    return channel 6

    Why channel 6 and not just use 5
  9. You can just get them from their existing mechanic for dex entries, why would it need to change?
  10. Munya

    Gym puzzle skip.

    I would also like to see a skip, that or give gym trainers rebattles so you aren't redoing a puzzle for no reason..
  11. This is the first month in a cycle as such we will be using 1.7 to move down and 6.7 to move up. As such, nothing will be moving via Usage. No consensus was reached on anything else moving either so tiers will, for now be remaining the same. I strongly urge discussion in the appropriate threads if there is indeed an issue we need to get to the bottom of. Usage can be found: Discussion thread can be found below, it will be left open until next months discussion thread is put up if anyone wants to continue their discussion or bring something up ahead of time.
  12. I don't think anything is going to happen this month tiering wise, but feel free to keep discussing if any actual discussing is going on, deadline for this thread is getting close to coming to an end and there is no consensus being reached rn that I've seen.
  13. gbwead has suggested that we ban Misd, Mienfoo, and Clamperl, anybody object?
  14. Didn't bother looking, figured I'd handle untiered on a 3 month basis with the weighted usage since its legit not an actual tier.
  15. This is a known issue thank you for your report.
  16. Sounds like you need to go visit Veilstone
  17. yeah, weird but we are aware of this issue ty for your report
  18. This is a known issue, thank you for your report.
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