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  1. Dude, I don't know where you even got the idea there is a conversion rate, if you are basing it on: That was not meant as there is an actual conversion rate, just what allows the tournament to be held without effecting other events, and its not changing, as 1000 BP is not even that difficult to come by. 2-3 runs of BF, 2? matchmaking wins, 1 elite 4 clear gets you enough to signup for 2 CC's, its not a difficult task and the prize is far greater than the value of 1000 BP. The entry fee isn't changing.
  2. My conversion rate is based on what is allowed, and I'm not willing to change it every time prices fluctuate a little bit anyways, as then it becomes a nightmare to set up and I would just rather not set them up at all unfortunately.
  3. Sinnohs coming, you'll be able to fight her as many times as you want.
  4. It took like 5 or 6 years but I finally went to whataburger.


    It was ok

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    2. Elkaroo


      Normal milk only comes in bagged variety. 


      When are you coming to Canada to eat poutine 

    3. Munya


      Someday, if I don't die first

    4. Elkaroo


      Next week it is then I'll see you in yellowknife

  5. The cash prize never changed, not for CC's, if it did for other tournaments I have no idea
  6. If it were to change to gold, the very fun and interactive pvm system you yourself mentioned would be the only means of signing up, with BP, you have the option to actually PvP to get your signup fee, makes absolute sense that you can PvP to PvP
  7. It very much would have an effect on things as it being available would then open up the possibility for getting some important moves from breeding for those who played during the event while shutting out anyone else who didn't.
  8. I'm basing it on the value of holding tournaments that don't effect other tournaments.
  9. CC's don't stop other tournaments from happening is the difference, because they have an entry fee I am able to hold them without effecting how many other tournaments can be held, the alternative to having an entry fee is CC's don't happen at all.
  10. What, CCs have never been anything but normal mons(before they were normal mons, there were none at all), they have no effect on other tournaments, what are you even trying to get at
  11. The BP entry fee was increased to 1000 to account for the pokemon being added to the prize pool, at that time 16 man tournaments did not exist. In order to allow 16 man tournaments to keep the same money prize value as the 32 player counterpart, the 1000 BP entry fee had to stay and the pokemon sacrificed.
  12. they are supposed to work yes, but is broken on android rn
  13. Yeah, we figured it out, you're using android client right?
  14. Had you previously used a cookie on the mon you were using it on before? If so it could potentially have still been full and unable to eat another cookie yet.
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