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  1. Nothing has been decided yet, things may be banned to OU, but another thing we are discussing is using seasonal cutoff for the entirety of the next season to let things naturally rise faster, if they are going to. There is a lot to digest and a lot of different opinions on how to handle it.
  2. There was not, how do later games handle it, not at home to check
  3. Discussion coming early this month, lots of changes via usage, and some changes that may happen because of usage changes as well. End of the season so 4.36% usage to go either way. Moving DOWN to UU from OU: Torkoal Moving UP to UU from NU: Absol Zoroark Quickbanned to BL2 from NU due to gaining their Hidden abilities: Feraligatr - With Sheer Force, most of Feraligatr's viable moves have become significantly more powerful, in addition to negating recoil from Life Orb. Already an extremely scary sweeper without it, its Hidden Ability pushes Feraligatr over the edge. It will be monitored closely in UU as well. Serperior - With Contrary in combination with Leaf Storm to combine a powerful move with a +2 special attack boost, a great speed stat, and good bulk, Serperior can very easily snowball. It has been determined that it's too much for NeverUsed to handle, and the Tier Council will keep an eye on it in UU too. Discuss away, tell us what we have done wrong/right, your opinions on all of them, as well as the other hidden ability mons we have gained.
  4. I think its time for another election, no king rules forever.
  5. Also on MMO it has to be alive, not fainted, for it to function. But as said above, that should be reflected in the information shown in the top left.
  6. Opinions on Empoleon right now? Looking at its OU usage it might move up, but it might not. If it doesn't is what I am curious about thoughts for, same for machamp but it hasn't seen the same meteoric rise to the above 40% usage rate very few things ever see.
  7. This is true, every shiny killed has 6IVs
  8. Be extremely unlucky. Would you kill a shiny to catch a shiny
  9. I put them on a different character so the breeder was the ot of neither mon
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