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  1. OU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    If its something you wish to do go for it, it's not being requested or required of a TC member. The old ones with the exception of maybe one hadn't been updated in like 2 years.
  2. Attack on Titan

    New chapter out for those interested, I'd say its a fairly good one, though a bit slow.
  3. Its not unless you want it to have 3 0's.
  4. [TV] Dragonball

    Vegeta, 17, and Piccolo, the rest don't matter right @DoubleJ
  5. going through some old files looking for a completely legally obtained copies of software when i found something interesting. XNKih43.jpg

    you sir have been cheating. my post have gone down over 3k post while yours went up. im calling foul played and calling a motion to have you disqualified as #1 poster.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. fredrichnietze


      was at over 9000 and went down to 3k


      with what i have now it would be over 15k


    3. DoubleJ


      Fred is just jelly he's not on our level. Blame the death of off topic.



    4. fredrichnietze


      what are you talking? im only not #1 poster because of the death of OT and removing trade comments. i've been robbed of my stats but my stats are still stats.

      what is dead may never die


  6. [TV] Dragonball

    What bald theory, I don't remember
  7. [TV] Dragonball

    I hope in the future after this tournament is over and they wish universe 6 back that Piccolo fuses with both of those other Namekians and we get a character that isn't Goku/Vegeta that are worthwhile to pay any attention to.
  8. Obtaining Hidden Abilities

    Until the Unova update Nidoqueen was breedable with field/monster egg group Pokemon, it was unintentionally reverted back to unbreedable with the Unova update and should be made breedable again next update.
  9. Like the profile pic.

  10. Fighting hordes with more than one pokemon

    Using moves that hit multiple targets will drastically speed up your experience if you choose to defeat hordes. Surf, Rock Slide, Earthquake, etc are very useful as they will hit everything in the horde, assuming they don't miss like rock slide can.
  11. To be honest I like this, if not exactly this then some kind of notification that something I have on the market has sold.
  12. It is out of the equation in this case, sorry.
  13. Teleport+Dig Ocarina

    That is no confirmation, that is an if, not a guarantee, not even close. Can you give me a link to this post?
  14. [TV] Dragonball

    Nah, you know its going to be 18 or piccolo if somebody is about to be thrown out, they have outlived their usefulness at this point. 18 isn't at the top of her game anymore, and the other universe Namekians are gone so any hype around Piccolo vs them is spent. He can't really use his beam cannon on anybody else without risking killing them.
  15. moving to a new ball

    I would prefer not to have to hide posts if I don't have to, please keep it at least somewhat civil, and always on topic.

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