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  1. How is the game going to differentiate between a guide section thread and any other sections thread, is one concern I have. Unlike the forum section itself, the threads do not contain the forum sections ID#, and look like every other thread on the forums. Even if there were a way, I am not sure Gilan/Freds issues have been addressed by doing this, if those sorts of things are possible.
  2. Lots of smoke when you are seasoning it the first time, so much smoke.
  3. Bought a wok today, getting it ready for use the first time is awful, highly recommend doing it outside, get a gas grill/stove or something.
  4. Just mailed it, let me know if you received it when you get the chance.
  5. I have had these marinating since yesterday, will be cooking them for supper tonight, there is a pretty good Asian buffet around here that makes these so I have decided to make some of my own because I like them a fair bit, and they are pretty simple to do, assuming they turn out well it may be something I do regularly, maybe not always with the skewers though.
  6. I feel like they are entirely comparable, especially when in 15-20 years we will get Dragonball Super Kai to remove most of the stuff not found in the manga.
  7. Hate to break it to you but Vegeta did the same thing against Black in the manga, its not really a new form though, and it was Goku that explained what he was doing instead of Whis, while stating that he himself could not do it..
  8. remember if you guys win I gave you my full support from the very beginning
  9. Just makin sure, before i send money to the wrong person.
  10. Whats your IGN Jice
  11. I think he was serious, I had to look it up myself.
  12. More or less a jambalaya then? If so yeah they are really good and is something I enjoy as well.
  13. I actually prefer dark meat, especially on turkey. If you want something truly fantastic have some dove. Such a cute friendly looking bird, tastes so damn good though.
  14. wheres the chili at One day a month I eat not-healthy stuff, maybe I will look into it. Alfredo is my favorite creamy pasta sauce.
  15. I haven't watched Iron Chef in quite some time, that link will get some use. I have also been doing quite a bit of stir-frying recently, its quick and simple and tasted great, plan on doing much more of it in the near future and buying better tools to do them with.