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  1. Munya

    Hoenn Elite 4

    No, the dad(Norman) gives you the ticket to ride the boat that you have to ride before you can go to BF, scott is on that boat though Anyways, go to the docks at Slateport, talk to the lady on the left.
  2. Munya

    PVP weekly ban rotation

    It kind of destroys usage and how tiering works
  3. The topic spoke in a generalization of all shinies not just super rare ones, if you want to get into the specific topic of those, I think they are dumb, in the sense they are too valuable, I don't see why we should nerf the still very hard way to obtain those shinies to make it even worse.
  4. Hatching shinies is honestly whats effecting the amount of shinies on the market the least, the reason you see so many hatched shinies is because you have a guaranteed shiny hatch when you breed 2 other shinies together. Breeding isn't whats spewing them all out its sweet scenting. That said, I personally don't mind prices dropping, I was not a fan of the get more lucky than the other guy next to you and win the lottery dynamic they had going on with them. Theres less of a gap between effort and luck now.
  5. Munya


    yes, the stat shown is correct at least
  6. Munya


    the tooltip is broken atm, best to not use it to figure out where stats are distributed from.
  7. Munya

    Claiming pokemon without a PC

    Its a fairly common mistake, glad you got it sorted.
  8. Munya

    Claiming pokemon without a PC

    Its referring to the the in game PC, you can find one in any pokecenter.
  9. Munya

    Ditto Catching

    Because thats how long the catch rate has been broken.
  10. Munya

    Ditto Catching

    Add Dusk Ball (2.5x if in a Cave, or at Night) Add Quick Ball (2.5x if turn count is 1) Add Fast Ball (2.5x if target's Base Speed is >=100) Add Lure Ball (2.5x if Fishing Rod encounter type) Add Love Ball (2x if target is opposite gender) Timer ball rate increases now occur at turns 6/11/17 (1x/1.66x/2.33x/3x) Are some of the others, do not know what update log it was in if it was in any.
  11. Munya

    Catching rate system.

    Its working as it should be, you were never meant to be able to catch everything in the game 100% of the time
  12. Munya

    Incorporate Sleep Nerf

    it is currently set to 1-3 turns, if you have battle logs displaying it happening for longer, or a replay and where to find it happening longer(Or just know how to make it occur), please provide it in the bug report section, since this is a bug in the event it actually happened, I will be closing this topic as its in the wrong section.
  13. Munya

    Ditto Catching

    Modifiers for pokeballs are different here, repeat ball is maxed out at 2.5

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