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  1. You already can using the sort button on the top right of the section, most of the functionality is there if not all.
  2. If you have the summary window open already you can click the pokedex on the first page and it automatically goes to the pokemons dex page.
  3. Nice forums avatar.

    1. Diano


      i almost thought it was a bug xd

    2. Diano


      but better touhou pp tho @Munya

  4. You can select gender in your advanced search criteria
  5. If someone can bring an argument to the table, I'm for listening to said argument. Doesn't mean its going to happen but if nobody ever has any ideas, nothing would ever happen.
  6. It is only just used for pvp?
  7. Sorry, I was mistaken I forgot it was 3 that pass directly from the parents - so in theory the others could roll a min or max from the parents, but 3 IVs will always average, its just random among whats left which 3 it is that do. My mistake for the misinformation, I do apologize..
  8. Nah it averages, the only time it might possibly not average is if you didn't use an item to manually select which IVs are directly pass, in which case they could potentially roll the min or max. EDIT: Looks like I might be wrong about the ones that average, they might also roll min or max, testing it.
  9. You're forgetting the most important part, the rest of the IVs are all averaged between the two parents IVs so 26 and 30 would get you a 28
  10. Sounds like your theme/s are broken, are you using a custom one or the default one?
  11. Would the host like me to clean this thread up of non-manager registrations?
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