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  1. Munya

    [TV] Dragonball

    They really skipped over the Kale/Kaulifla fusion fight against Gohan but the newest chapter was very neat, really showcases one of the best characters dragonball ever did, and the one most people were very stumped at the idea of being in the tournament.
  2. Munya

    PokeMMO Community Combat

    Its to late to change it I think, I also probably don't have the relevant data I need anymore to pick a new prize for it.
  3. Munya

    Why III and IV gen....

    You can't disable it no, you could optionally just not teach it those moves if you want when it asks if you want to learn them.
  4. If you would like to know why your post was deleted or locked you can contact a member of staff directly via the forums PM function to find out.
  5. Munya

    Stop deleting my posts please

    Can I lock it instead?
  6. Munya

    Thinking Bee

    I wanna bee the very best like no one ever was
  7. Munya

    Thinking Bee

    I'm here all alone, this GM lied to me
  8. Munya

    Cut HM Broken

    Try installing a fresh client from https://pokemmo.eu/downloads/ if that doesn't work it might be one of your roms.
  9. Irrelevant points aside, the correct way to handle this is to prompt the user for evolution in some manner, in the actual games at least after gen 6, it does not start evolving a pokemon until the game actually receives a keypress at the evolution screen, it ensures that the player is there to be able to cancel the evolution if that is what they want.
  10. Sheer Force & Rage Powder have both been temporarily disabled until some issues with them are resolved. Also Trick and Switcheroo have been disabled for about a week-ish now likewise until issues are resolved with them.
  11. oh my lord i just noticed your content count

    you should sleep more... i'm worried about your health, you know, ancient people like u are so fragile

  12. Munya

    a cm an explain me where are nu officials?

    If you would like to give event feedback or ask questions regarding events even, this is the thread to do so.
  13. Munya

    Difficult on a league

    It is very much doable even with 6x0's and a garbage nature, I am not genius at playing this game, far from it, and was able to do a run with full garbage mons.
  14. Munya

    PokeMMO Community Combat

    Starting September 3rd, LC will be added to the CC rotation on Fridays, it will use the same timezone slot as UU much like Doubles shares one with OU.
  15. Munya

    Mistakenly sealed account

    If you have already made a ban appeal please wait patiently for a response, if not, follow the link Goku gave to make one.

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