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  1. Moving Up to OU from UU both above 4.36% usage: Dugtrio Ludicolo Moving down from OU to UU all below the 4.36% cutoff point: Kabutops Metagross Banned to BL: Lucario - A thread may show up to discuss this if needed Moving Down from UU to NU all below 4.36%: Blastoise Vaporeon Torterra Luxray Rampardos Bastiodon Wormadam(all forms) Mothim Lopunny Honchkrow - Was voted to no longer be BL2, will see how this goes Purugly Skuntank Chatot Spiritomb Drapion Toxicroak Abomasnow Rotom(Fan) Rotom(Frost) Rotom Banned from LC Arena Trap on all Pokemon Discussion Thread: Usage:
  2. 4.36% movement cutoff is still currently in effect. The following pokemon are below/above the cutoff in the respective tiers listed, this does not mean they are moving as BL/BL2 are still in effect for some of these unless voted otherwise. Below the cutoff to stay in OU: Kabutops, Metagross, Lucario, Porygon-z, Haxorus Moving up to OU: Dugtrio & Ludicolo Below the cutoff to stay in UU: Blastoise, Vaporeon, Torterra, Luxray, Rampardos, Bastiodon, Wormadam(all forms), Mothim, Lopunny, Honchkrow, Purugly, Skuntank, Chatot, Spiritomb, Drapion, Toxicroak, Abomasnow, Rotom(Fan), Rotom(Frost), Rotom Nothing moved up to UU this month. OU: UU: NU: Doubles: LC:
  3. This part at least is intentional
  4. Close your client and update it again, this was fixed in a second update deployed last night. EDIT: Hmm looks like it is happening again but there was a third update after i went to sleep apparently, its probably being worked on.
  5. Please use this thread for vanity related suggestions:
  6. What errors are you referring to?
  7. You have to get to a winning streak of 56 to unlock the ribbons for those.
  8. Stats is very likely never goes to happen as you are giving away your opponents specific builds and I am almost certain some people would not be okay with that. Also for catching reasons likely it would not be done. I think there are plans to do something in battle logs for abilities at some point but i could be wrong, will check.
  9. If you would like to leave feedback on events please do so in the following thread:
  10. Yeah that item is really awful to figure out, I had the same problem on my first playthrough of the region and had to watch a video on how to get it.
  11. Try repairing or reinstalling the client.
  12. Smoke ball does not guarantee fleeing will be successful on MMO, it increases your chance to flee by a percentage based on holder level vs wild level.
  13. Please use this thread for general pokemmo screenshots, thank you.
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