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  1. No, OP is already a thing though so closing this topic.
  2. yes, it follows the seasons, the beginning of each season gets the biggest shake up the the other 2 months are a bit wider for consistency. Though it also helps preventing things from yoyoing monthly which was its original purpose.
  3. Its usage is still on the decline, though winrate is going up slightly while usage declines and might be worth watching, but currently it still doesn't seem like that big of an issue.
  4. Going into the final month of the season nothing moves with the cutoff of 6.7/1.7. Any issues in the tiers biting at you that you wish to discuss, feel free to below.
  5. They can be purchased from one of the battle frontier shops for BP
  6. Those are all in Never Used, but that tier is lower than Under Used so they are usable in it still.
  7. The ones in the dex are entirety up to date. This is our UU list.
  8. If you want to view things from lower tiers you then select Never Used, or Untiered.
  9. When you open the dex, theres a button on the top right that is defaulted to all tiers, click that and change it to Under Used
  10. Nah, there were no changes this month, in game usage is busted until next update though so I will be doing it manually again at the end of the month assuming we don't get an update by then.
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