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  1. Munya

    Are hotdogs sandwiches?

    I agree with neither part of that statement.
  2. Munya

    Are hotdogs sandwiches?

    No, I'd consider it a travesty to hot dogs everywhere
  3. Munya

    Are hotdogs sandwiches?

    I'm Structural Neutral, Ingredient purist.
  4. Berd

    1. RacheLucario


      Berd stinx, use the proper one


    2. Munya


      no way, this one is more true to the real Berd

  5. Munya

    Fatal Render Error

    thank you for your report
  6. Munya

    [TV] Dragonball

    Dragonball when are you coming back to me
  7. Munya

    Wrong render colors

    Do you have HG/SS on the PC but not the Android client?
  8. Munya

    A and B buttons in wrong order

    Who says we have to follow that bad controller scheme
  9. This is a known issue, thank you for your report
  10. Munya

    New device : Mail confirmation

    Thank you for your report.
  11. Munya

    Goodbye ma boys

    You obviously don't remember Squall
  12. Munya

    Hurricane is bugged

    It is only your bad luck in this case. In the future please post bug reports in the bug reports section of the forum.
  13. The two games are drastically different in how they play, the only thing that is the same is the region itself for the most part. Battle mechanics were very different, be it abilities which didn't previously exist, move mechanics, stat mechanics that had been refined/updated. Overall it was a very different game. Gen 3 FR is very different than Gen 1 R
  14. FYI, we didn't skip gen 2, Fire Red is a gen 3 game. So we went from gen 3, to gen 3, then 5.

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