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  1. Can you please keep these in a single thread, thank you.
  2. Tournament Usage over the weekend
  3. You eat ice cream on your pizza?
  4. Looking for some feedback on definitions of Counters and Checks. Current etiquette basically defines them is such(these are not my definitions): Counter: A pokemon that can switch into any move from an opposing pokemon under normal conditions with little to no risk to itself, and can reliably beat the pokemon it is countering. Counters can typically switch into the same pokemon multiple times, assuming they remain healthy. Check: A pokemon that can switch into another pokemon under normal conditions, but isn't safe from all of the moves/options the opposing pokemon has, however, can still beat the pokemon before it itself is beaten. Cannot typically switch into the same pokemon many times, as it's worn down by the attacks of the pokemon or threatened by certain moves it carries. I have been informed that these may not be correct and would like some more insight into this to try and define them as well as possible.
  5. Do you have any particular reasoning for this statement?
  6. Nobody has expressed interest in wanting to vote ahead of the 1 month schedule, so please stop derailing this thread if you can't contribute to the actual discussion.
  7. It doesn't. "I want it banned" is not a valid reason for banning something.
  8. No formal vote has been taken yet so no idea, I will say asking that doesn't add any substance to the discussion so its not going to help it either way.
  9. A team testing mode does not resolve this issue.
  10. It got used on PTR, I beat coolio with it :')
  11. My argument was that it is a significant meta change that occurred, wasn't implying 100attack dug and shadow tag were paired. They happened a year apart though.
  12. Shadow tag nerf, can't indefinitely trap things between the two anymore. Poor wording, indefinitely may not be what i was going for here.
  13. Listening != agreeing, they listened and were still unsure based off of everything said and decided it was worth a test, which is where we are now, testing it in the tier.
  14. They aren't ignoring anything, and have told you so many times.
  15. If they didn't care it would have been easy enough to just say cya the moment we added an activity requirement, I do not think that is the case.
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