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  1. If you go back in the tournament history you will find the actual money prize hasn't changed at all
  2. Its the same its always been.
  3. I don't see the point for something so unnecessary, its not like its not going to tell you when you are close to catching whatever it is you are after, seems like a waste of development time.
  4. If you are talking about hoenn, you need to go back to petalburg and beat the 5th gym which is there, after you do that when you leave the gym wallys uncle will take you to his house and give you surf.
  5. Aside from not making it so I'm giving out 10mil in rewards every week, it also has the purpose of making sure it doesn't effect other events in any way, without the entry fee there would be no CC.
  6. If this ever happened, the entrance fee would have to be around 35-40k. At least.
  7. Hello beautiful

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    2. Emlee



      I am super well. Doing my Ph.D. in France. Yourself? I thought it was about time I checked in with all of the kids here. 

    3. Munya


      Wow that sounds fun, what kind of places have you visited while there?  I'm doing fine, december was rough cause I had my gallbladder removed the Friday before Christmas which hit my wallet hard, then recovery time but other than that, not bad.

    4. Emlee


      Oh God. Healthcare in the states. Sorry to hear about it, are you all on the mend now? 

      I've been to a couple places in Europe since moving here, and have a few others booked for the next couple of months - so yeah I have been exploring with friends. It's lovely. Life is honestly perfect, I have no complaints really outside normal stuff. 


      Like feel free to PM if you'd like. 

  8. The post with this months scores has been updated with a link to a more updated sheet.
  9. Its gonna happen no need to worry about that. I think Zenor is taking over the actual tournament, I am working on the sheet.
  10. Sounds fun, chance to catch a new Azu while I'm at it, was one of the first things I caught that was worthwhile and always had a fondness for on MMO.
  11. Please use the event suggestions/feedback thread located
  12. I think a good way to handle this would be if we used tags, then you could click on the tag you want which we would ideally have all of on one of the pinned topics, and it would filter out those types of events, OU, UU, NU, LC, Doubles, PvE, PvP or w/e would be most fitting.
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