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  1. Tell me the story behind the man with the red background
  2. Something is planned for this, I am closing this for now.
  3. Lets ignore the fact it has already been stated several times now something is happening with all of these items. A snipet of logs is irrelevant, anybody could take a small section of their battle logs and make anything look bad. You're better off finding a replay and pointing towards it as they give a full picture and not a snapshot of a brief moment in time.
  4. It was actually requested(the tournament usage) like 10 days ago but there had only been one tournament at that time by someone in tc, just posting it here since I had already put it together
  5. Build a tower of hats. I doubt those will become tradeable.
  6. None of the above are happening, LC is gone in all capacity and will not be back. There is an unofficial one in the clubs section you can follow/play with other players from though.
  7. Last time it was brought up, at the beginning of this month it seemed like a pretty split subject, some on one side of the field some on the other and a couple in the middle unsure about it, that doesn't really tell you anything but its what I took out of the conversation they had about it. No official voting though so the actual votes could be entirely different. I wish some of them would actually respond here but I can't force people to talk. Something I did recently was look at its tournament usage, which came out more or less the same as its regular usage, win rate and all.
  8. I wish I knew, they tend to be as much of a mystery to me as they are to everybody else as to when they will happen, at least until like, a week ahead of when they happen if even that.
  9. This entire thread, the reason I haven't responded here is because it has been responded to before, in at least 2 places, one by a dev one by myself. One such post is here: If you like or don't like the first step they have chosen to take thats fine, I can see why some people would not think it is enough, and it may not be, either way, plans are to do something with these items so I personally felt like this topic was settled, I don't think theres much of a need for this back and forth here anymore.
  10. Can I play the game instead, I for some reason got compelled to play the hack games(GU at least, original series someday) and just finished up with that, CC2 has a demon slayer game coming out in 2 months.
  11. That's purely based on assumption, we unfortunately do not have enough information to say that is actually true, its not even something I am capable of pulling myself before anybody asks me to, would if I could though.
  12. My world revolves around usage, its on you all to present evidence outside of that, or use it too thats fine as well, if you want something banned. Currently its not sitting at some outrageous usage amount from my perspective.
  13. Make your arguments as to why dugtrio should be banned to BL2 instead of just saying to ban it
  14. These changes are live in game btw.
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