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  1. Premier balls are no longer obtainable except from players who obtained them in the past from Mystery boxes. They do not increase the chance of having a shiny.
  2. What is PSL8?
  3. So many good things going on in this last episode but
  4. You're right, its a cushion.
  5. IIRC it has something to do with either your version of windows or graphics card, I can't remember which of the two. Its fixed in the next update though, happens to me as well. EDIT: Its OS, but yeah its fixed next update either way.
  6. Simple solution, spectating matches that have already ended does not place you into the tournament chat.
  7. You get the first one from the captain on the S.S. Anne in Vermillion, you need the S.S. Ticket from Bill North of Cerulean to get on the ship though.
  8. Why open up an old wound for something that was only being discussed saying, we thought about it but nah.
  9. I'm fairly certain VD was decided against and will not be returning, hence no post about it.
  10. fyi rules in regards to bumping changed, and were posted.
  11. Maybe if you posted an actual good anime girl once in a while instead of that garbage
  12. Hahahahahahaahahahaha you're funny bestfriends.
  13. No, shes probably more likely to throw them on the ground and smash them to pieces and make all the other kids cry.
  14. Locking as requested.
  15. Thanks to Gunt, who did the bulk of the writing and Rachel who did all of the editing, you can now find a run down on the Chansey test in this thread.