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  1. As the resident bug mod I am severely offended that you tricked me into clicking this topic. Be sure and check out the bird in my signature.
  2. I've never had poached egg assuming thats what that is by the looks of it, I've tried poaching before but its always been a failure.
  3. Hi this was a bug, it should be resolved next update.
  4. why are the characters in your background so cute

  5. Please don't abuse bugs even if its in a perceived harmless way.
  6. Well I had to use a VPN to browse your funny status update stuff

  7. Ah k, thats known about, the OU in their statement threw me off.
  8. "Up" Rotom Fan Golurk Bronzor Seismitoad "Down" Pikachu Kangaskhan Omastar Manectric
  9. It was decided at implementation that randoms is not suited for the tournament format so will not be receiving support for it.
  10. Final month of a season, 4.36% to move up or down. Moving to OU from UU: Torkoal Moving to UU from OU: Heracross Mandibuzz Moving to UU from NU: Slowbro Moving to NU from UU: Aerodactyl Gligar Porygon Z -The vote has concluded, it will not be banned from UU at this time. Discussion threads: Additionally we are looking to bring on one new member to TC, if you would like to apply you can do so by sending me a DM here on forums. TC members are required to have at minimum 30 matches a month in ranked or tournament play, if you cannot meet this requirement do not bother applying.
  11. Thank you for your report, this is surely not intended mechanics, I will bring it to the devs attention.
  12. Thank you for your report, in the future please make them https://support.pokemmo.eu/login/ here
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