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  1. I need some of the stuff in the link in my sig.
  2. Theme of PSL8 Confirmed.
  3. oh wrong thread, thanks for liking the post jj, its late and im tired How did I even post in this thread, im positive i was in the other one.
  4. LF american based tournament so the best americans get teamed together and sweep the rest of the world
  5. @GodofKawaii humbly requests a Magikarpet, its like a magical carpet except a magikarp
  6. Whatever the case, unfortunately as Aimi said, it appears steam cards are not one of those options.
  7. This isn't true, the list is showing the following options for me. Credit/debit Cash(god that must be awful to do) Paypal Visa checkout master pass skrill rixty and subway gift cards Oh, a ton other options when you click "more"
  8. I get the feeling they are going to rip the spotlight away from vegeta and give that thing he did and I told you all to read to gohan first in the anime.
  9. I always knew you truly believed in trump.
  10. Ranked will start in a little over 5 minutes, lets make this last weekend count :)
  11. Pretty much what gilan stated, you need to make 10 posts to be able to post in suggestions box, general discussion is not the place for suggestions.
  12. IDK, did you click here?
  13. Alright, I can't keep the secret anymore, I'm here to spill the beans. Click here if you think you can handle it.
  14. The UU one would have actually filled up but I got whispers from players saying they couldn't sign up despite being top 32, a lot of players are still learning how the system works where 17-32 can sign up after half of the registration time is up.