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  1. Both function and both contain data for both versions of opelucid, not sure about if both contain black city/white forest but I'd imagine they do.
  2. I'd suggest trying again when or if these items ever actually has a significant impact on anything, as it is now I can't even locate a quick claw in usage and the only pokemon I can find significantly using kings rock loses more than it wins.
  3. This vote could have changed the outcome of PZ staying for another month, but you're 3 days too late.
  4. It looks like PZ test will be extended a month. In the future 2 months will be the baseline test length unless an overwhelming amount of TC vote otherwise(exact vote% unsure atm). This month they were split evenly on it though.
  5. hi honey

  6. Hello, I would like actual discussion as to why, this means from TC posts as well, just saying "ban it" doesn't say anything.
  7. LC isn't coming back, stay on the topic of this months potential movements, LC is not one of them.
  8. It is free, you are all free to do whatever you want with it now.
  9. Its already being deleted in the next update.
  10. 1st Month of a season, 1.7 and below to go down, 6.7 and up to move up, nothing changes this month. Anything that needs to be discussed? Bring it up here.
  11. Just a reminder we have a thread for PZ discussion, lets not split it into 2 places. If you're serious, I can't ever tell, I actually agree, but we will find out if TC is of a similar mindset. Plan on putting usage movements if any up on the 25th and getting discussion kicked off then.
  12. A year since the last reply, its over, goodbye attack on titan, you had some pretty good moments
  13. Just out of curiosity, are you surprised by this or was it expected, or no real opinion going into it. Geeze this sounded like sarcasm but its not, legitimate question.
  14. Can you provide some reasoning behind this request?
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