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  1. The bug moderating team fully supports not voting on bugs, and dragons mainly because dragonite and haxorus suck, but especially bugs, down with bugs.
  2. If you have a bug to report in the future please do so in the bug report section of the forums. We are currently aware of this issue though and it will be dealt with, and is banned in PvP until a time comes when it is fixed.
  3. Old Rod not working in Hoenn?

    This is a known issue, fixed next update. In the future if you suspect a bug please post it in the bug reports section of the forums.
  4. [TV] Dragonball

    I think that base forms are the strongest in the case of all characters. Jiren isn't transforming, 17 was able to put up a fight and doesn't transform, it looks like Vegeta is about to put up one hell of a fight and isn't transforming. Gohan hasn't utilized a transformation in quite some time. Goku has been doing the ultra instinct garbage in base form. Hell, Frieza was doing better against Jiren before turning Gold himself, the moment he turned golden he got smashed. I think their powers exist even when not in these other forms - these transformations have just been a cheap way into tapping into said power and not entirely efficiently.
  5. Attack on Titan

    New chapter is out.
  6. [TV] Dragonball

    Planet Vegeta being restored would not make sense, they were a warrior race that conquered other worlds destroying the inhabitants that existed there, regardless of their reasoning they did it. They were far from innocent.
  7. [TV] Dragonball

    Hey man, I am sorry that your favorite characters nature is to be evil, its okay, we all like Goku, hes just a villain.
  8. [TV] Dragonball

    I mean Goku himself, he is the true evil of the dragonball series, constantly putting everybody in dire situations all for the sake of powering up. Vegeta did it too for a while to some extent but he did grow out of it as a character.
  9. [TV] Dragonball

  10. [TV] Dragonball

  11. Minimum requirements

  12. UU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    More or less planning on picking up tiering next update regardless of what is missing, so yeah.

    Nah, pretty sure if you sign up and just don't do anything it doesn't give you a disqualification, you lose but not a DQ, a DQ opts you out of getting a prize.

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