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  1. We used to have them, they kind of didn't work out.
  2. It could very well be a problem, and I was very much hesitant to allow it to happen, but there is merit in allowing it to be tested at the very least.
  3. Looking into this still but in response to hurricane: Flying moves can hit anywhere from anywhere on the field
  4. I need an option. I no longer have access to my email and I don't remember my pokemmo password, I created a support ticket and showed prints proving that the email is really mine. They told me they can't change my email if I don't know the password, I need an option to not lose my account for more than 5 years
    please super hero bear, save my 4 days in a row trying to recover my account
    it's a long time to lose my account
  5. Usually the way you do it is with a move that swaps your abilities, such a skill swap
  6. Stelian, Pachima, and DoubleJ have been added to the TC
  7. Coding, the game doesn't support such a ban.
  8. Not possible on MMO with current banning capabilities anyway
  9. no, anything in UU or below is fine to use.
  10. Not really, all I can really say is we intend on going over all of the Policies at some point, hopefully soon, its not something that is out of our minds.
  11. Can't because it is done manually and TT this month would have ended after the clock rolls over. That said Bear is looking into options for Foo in TT. It might see an unban for it since we don't have LC matchmaking.
  12. ^, with the implementation of in game statistics there was no need to keep up with a forum post for it anymore.
  13. Nothing moves based off of usage this month, 1.7 to go down, 6.7 to go up. Unbanned from Ubers: Garchomp - With the update, SD has been removed from its learnpool and we are going to give it another try. Banned from LC: Mienfoo - The majority were in favor of banning regenerator and we are going to try and move away from ability banning, and as the only pokemon with regenerator that would be making it a problem right now, Mienfoo is being given the boot. Re-Banned from LC: Arena Trap - fixed with the update.
  14. that was the plan, until mor emons with regenerator come out yes
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