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  1. Im tired!! I gonna replace the old one for this.
  2. 3 Weeks sleeping, Time to work.
  3. In my case, I am doing this vanity thread items just for fun. But who knows, maybe one day the staff will use one of my creations. Just do it for fun and be positive
  4. Chapter 2: The Sin of a Corrupt Soul "After Arceus gives his power to a human, the younger brother of this human sees this happens and one day he tries to stole that power" "His big brother caught him and locked him in the deepest dungeons" The imprisoned brother cursed everything about his brother and why Arceus heard him. One day he wondered,- How i can surpass the power of a God being a simple human? "After he says this, a voice say:" So you don't think there is a power beyond God?, what a great ignorant". Who are you?-Says the yo
  5. Chapter 1: The Sign of a Pure Soul "One day, a man prayed that Arceus would give him a part of his power to save his city ..." "The man prayed all the days, all the nights, inclusive for a entire year to made it, and one day, Arceus appears" "In response to his prayers, Arceus said: I will give you a part of my power and at the same time, a part of my life. And one day, when these lands recover their lives, you will give me back this power " "Saying this, Arceus left the surface and disappears into the sky." But this is a history for
  6. I never play Persona in my life, but I like the costume of Joker. Im thinking about finish the "Legendary Pokémon suits" soon as possible...
  7. Today I spend my time in a lot of things, but finally I complete this suit This is one of my favourites, enjoy it. Morpeko Suit
  8. Today I spend my time in a lot of things, but finally I complete this suit This is one of my favourites, enjoy it. Morpeko Suit
  9. I gonna add more soon Grey Team Suit M-Emerald Team Suit (Need "Mega" details) Sapphire Team Suit (Need details) Ruby Team Suit Storm Team Suit Nigthmare Team Suit (New) Victory Team Suit Diamond Team Suit Pearl Team Suit Platinum Team Suit Origin Team Suit (soon)
  10. Grey Team Suit Emerald Team Suit Sapphire Team Suit Ruby Team Suit Storm Team Suit Nightmare Team Suit Victory Team Suit
  11. * THE ADMINISTRATOR (S) CAN MODIFY AND ADD RULES AS THEY LIKE, SO THAT THE EVENT COMPLIES WITH STANDARDS THAT THEY WANT ONLY IF ALL THE STAFF AGREE, IT CAN ALSO BE USED AS AN IDEA FOR FUTURE EVENTS * Event Development Phase 1 Well, my idea is a "Regional Domain Event" for all the regions that are currently implemented in the game. It would consist of separating the regions into team territories such as red, blue, yellow, green, among others. Each territory that have trainers defending a tower (or something less difficult to implement if they want, like a fla
  12. "Hola soy Squidcobo y esta es mi primera vez proponiendo una idea por aquí así que espero que les guste para ponerlo como evento o que sirva de inspiración para un evento futuro ..." * EL O LOS ADMINISTRADORES PUEDE MODIFICAR Y AGREGAR REGLAS A SU GUSTO PARA QUE EL EVENTO CUMPLA CON NORMAS QUE ELLOS DESEEN, SOLO SI TODO EL PERSONAL ESTA DE ACUERDO * Desarrollo del evento Fase 1 Bueno, mi idea consiste en un evento de Dominio Regional por todas las regiones que están implementadas en el juego actualmente. Consistiría en separar las regiones en territorio
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