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  1. EN: Since i got a lot of work on college, I can´t do "a lot" of vanities, so I will prepare 3 vanities i have in mind. ESP: Ya que he tenido bastante que hacer en la Universidad, no he tenido tiempo para hacer "un montón" de cosméticos, por lo que prepararé 3 cosméticos que tengo en mente. PD: 3 Good ones.
  2. Something like this? *The body is from another suit i have but i use it as a base.
  3. I got time to sprite vanities, time to end some proyects.
  4. One of my favorite Electric Pokemon is the Lamprey one, Eelektross. His funny design makes me think about him like James´s Carnivine, because if he is happy, It will bite your head with love. Maybe the design is not too accurate , but at least I hope everyone will like it. For the next design I have something in mind related to the word "Kyubey". I invite everyone to guess it.
  5. Ok this time is related to the knowed vanity called "Samurai Armor", I was asking for ideas and this one comes. The explanation is simple, we have the Samurai armor, but we dont have a Shogun Armor, with the mask added to the helmet , Making this a possibility of a double vanity thing (I mean add a mask to a vanity that needs you to take of your mask to use it, like many of the "head hats" ones). And i did a back Cosmetic for him too, I was trying to choose one design but im not really sure about it, Maybe they can decide for me. Thats all for now, hope you like them.
  6. This took me a while but i made it @Brofish Hope you like them The White Team Rocket Suits and the Jessie and James Appearence sprites, hope one day we can add their looks and suits too. And if we need the back and side sprites, I can do them without problem. Thats all for now.
  7. Let´s see what can i do
  8. I was thinking for a while and i never see something related to wishes in Christmas items, so maybe Jirachi can be a good idea for a vanity. I name them "Wings of the Wisher" Maybe they need a little detail, i will update them later. Who knows, maybe I will add another thing.
  9. My hero from this update, im so proud of him
  10. I fix a little the design of the Morpeko suit and i add the angry version, now i need to fuse them. Guess me luck.
  11. Maybe Im a little dumb, but in the team of 3 is only a type of pokemon or 3 different ones?
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