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  1. Thank you all for the lovely music and a respectful audience. Looking forward to hosting more events like this in the future!
  2. Congratulations to BirdLord, the winner of the raffle draw on 6/23/2020. Here was the prize he chose!
  3. Firebird Bar Karaoke Night Date Thursday, 2nd July Time 6PM EST l 10PM UTC l 12 AM CEST Location [ENIX] Discord, Accumula Hangout Ch3 Entry Qualifications and Rules Players from any team may sing but only [ENIX] members get the participation rewards. Please verify your song choice with [ENIX] staff first if the song is potentially offensive or triggering. We ask that participating and spectating players are quiet and respectful as someone is performing. Have fun and let loose! This will be a fairly casual event. Participating [ENIX] Staff DemonicDax VariasaWrath Rewards Every participating player will receive a small participation reward for singing. Getting to know your teammates a little better! Conquering stage-fright and shyness.
  4. Great content, worked together with me to make an avatar for later use, exactly what I wanted and was interacting with me every step of the way. Got done and my jaw dropped at the price. This is a steal, get your sig and avatar work done here. +1 rep
  5. TheSnekLord's Recruitment Raffle Start Date Tuesday, 15th June, 2020 End Date Tuesday, 22nd June, 2020 Ending Time 3PM EST l 7PM UTC l 9PM CEST Draw Type Random, no number choice Entry Qualifications and Rules Player must be in the [ENIX] team. Each player will only receive tickets for one of their accounts in the team. Each player can only receive up to two (2) tickets each. Each qualifying player will be automatically registered for one ticket at the time of event Ending Time. During the active time of the event, players can recruit a player to receive another ticket for the raffle. Recruited players must message Vari#7004 on Discord to have the recruiter qualify for their extra ticket. Participating [ENIX] Staff VariasaWrath Prize Winner's choice of Water A or Fairy egg group Pokemon Random nature, IVs 6x0
  6. For normal trainers, you can rebattle them every six hours.
  7. Hello! This has been my workaround to this little annoyance OP speaks of! I rename the pokemon I catch using "31" and then H, A, D, XA, XD, or S. So if I'm just looking for 31's, I can highlight all of them by only typing 31, or if I would like a specific stat, I can type in the corresponding letter. While it is a little tedious, the renaming is done in the time that the next encounter is loading up, so I find it worth my while. Hope this helps OP and anyone else out there catching for breeding purposes!
  8. This sounds like a great quality of life change! Definitely has my support. The ability to control which box that caught Pokemon go to would also be a nice feature.
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