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  1. "I am excited to announce the release of our staff application to the [Bend] community. Staff are expected to be shining examples for the rest of the members. Everyone can apply so long as you are in the [Bend] team in game. There is now a bot in #apps-and-polls in Discord. You can use %apply Staff to start an application in your DMs. Your application will be visible to the current staff team only. All questions are visible in the pinned messages of the channel. You will have five minutes to respond to each question before the bot times out, so please feel free to plan out your responses beforehand." If you wish to apply for [Bend] staff, please contact Vari#7004 on Discord to join the [Bend] server. Make yourself at home, we are glad to have you. Located below are the questions that are in the current [Bend] staff application so aspiring members can prepare their answers. Good luck everyone! [IMPORTANT] Once you press enter, you cannot edit the message submitted. Understand? What is your in-game name(s)? What time zone are you in? Please DM a picture of your main account trainer card to Vari#7004 (Sending a picture here will not work): What is your favorite thing to do in PokeMMO? Do you battle competitively? If so, what tier(s)? What experiences do you have as staff on other games or discord communities? Why do you feel as if you are a good fit for [Bend] staff? What can you contribute to the staff team? Have you ever been punished by PokeMMO staff in-game? Have you ever been banned on a discord server in the past? Tell us about yourself as a person. What do you feel your skills and strengths are? What are some of your weaknesses? Do you work best alone or in a team? How do you think [Bend] can be improved currently? Can you describe how you usually handle stress or difficult circumstances? What’s a fun fact about you that we don’t know yet? Do you have any questions for us? Multiple are welcome.
  2. Simple words: Good - Gives a good place for BP to disappear without complications. Bad - Could make braces really cheap.
  3. Some but not all PvP players breed their own mons. Allowing braces to be tradeable but keeping the 10k brace npc would negate strange trades for breeding with untradeable braces and would allow for an outlet to burn BP that is consumed by the economy, while not eliminating the ability to use cash. I think it could be a positive balancing change that eliminates spare BP just sitting around, and potentially lowering prices for braces. A con is that with the amount of BP many players have stored up, it could easily crash the brace market and make expensive breeds less valuable.
  4. Welcome to the first [ENIX] writing competition hosted by Variasa! This month, to celebrate spooky days, we write about horror! All [ENIX] members and their invited friends are welcome. Start Date Friday, 16th October 2020 Entry Close 8PM UTC l 3PM EST l 5PM BRT Sunday, 1st November 2020 Location [Enix] Discord and Forums Prompt Horror, scares, physical and psychological terror, monsters, maniacs and magic of any kind are all welcome. Please send your entry over discord Direct Messages if your entry is particularly spooky. Keep in mind your entry does not have to include Pokemon! Submission Send in entries anytime during the dates the event is active. Viable submission areas are replying to this topic, #writing-submissions in [ENIX] discord, or Direct Messages to Vari#7004 on Discord. Scoring Vote by a council of judges, based on quality, heart, premise, creativity, grammatical skill, and scare factor! Rules [ENIX] team members and their invited friends are valid participants for main prizes. To win 1st-3rd places that are sorted by high to low, you need to submit an entry that is ranked the highest. You can only submit one entry. You must be the Original Creator of the writing. You may use PI (Prompt Inspired) literature, or EU (Established Universe) literature so long as it brings something new and fresh into the writing, and you credit the prompt or universe duly. This means you can write about whatever horror topic you like. In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined by a [ENIX] server wide vote. There is no character or word limit or requirement. Hosting Staff Variasa Rewards 1st Place Prize 1m  2nd Place Prize 500k 3rd Place Prize 100k
  5. I was never able to name my Pokemon one or two letters in this game, so I have used the leader of '31' so that even with one perfect stat, I could sort and name the Pokemon. An example of this is '31H', which has a 31 in the Health IV. With the cost for renaming being removed and revamped, this could be a temporary solution. Hope this is somewhat helpful.
  6. Decided to open up the prizes for non ENIX team due to excellent turnout of friends of ENIX! Congratulations to the winners, expect improvements to the Scaling Rewards system and more interesting events in the future!
  7. Date Sunday, 26th July 2020 Time 8PM UTC l 3PM EST l 5PM BRT Location Desert Underpass, Hoenn / Channel 3 Duration 1 hour for catching another 10 minutes for players to submit entries Scoring Total Sum of IVs + Nature Bonus = Total Score Pokemon accepted as valid entries Ditto Nature Bonus Jolly +5 Adamant +3 Rules [ENIX] team members are valid participants for main prizes. Friends of [ENIX], please see Additional Mechanics. Each participating [ENIX] team member present will increase the possible prize pool by $75k. To win 1st-3rd places that are sorted by high to low, you need to submit an entry that scores the highest. You can only submit one entry. All Pokémon must be caught within the event time and at the event location. All Pokémon must remain unchanged (untrained/unevolved...). You must be the OT of the Pokémon. You must link your entry to any participating staff member via whisper to submit it. In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined by earliest catch time. Additional Mechanics Quick Buck - All dittos caught during the event by any player can be sold to Variasa for $3000 per ditto. Participating Staff VariasaWrath Rewards Introducing Scaling Rewards For each [ENIX] team member present, the total prize pool will increase by $75k. First Prize winners will take home 70% of this total. Second Prize winners will take home 20% of this total. Third Prize winners will take home 10% of this total. More Participants Means Bigger Prizes!
  8. Saturday is the 1st, not Sunday. Looking forwards to the tourney.
  9. You can get mysterious gems by capturing or killing Pokemon spawned by a phenomena in the Unova region. Examples of this are dust clouds, shapes in the water, rustling grass, and shadows from flying Pokemon. These will have a visual indicator and also a sound that goes along with it when you are nearby one. Just walk over the phenomena, and you will start a battle! Capturing or killing this special Pokemon will result in 1x Mysterious Gem being picked up. Phenomena are a way to obtain exclusive Pokemon like Audino and Ducklett. Other than this, you can just buy them off of the GTL from other players.
  10. Thank you all for the lovely music and a respectful audience. Looking forward to hosting more events like this in the future!
  11. Congratulations to BirdLord, the winner of the raffle draw on 6/23/2020. Here was the prize he chose!
  12. Firebird Bar Karaoke Night Date Thursday, 2nd July Time 6PM EST l 10PM UTC l 12 AM CEST Location [ENIX] Discord, Accumula Hangout Ch3 Entry Qualifications and Rules Players from any team may sing but only [ENIX] members get the participation rewards. Please verify your song choice with [ENIX] staff first if the song is potentially offensive or triggering. We ask that participating and spectating players are quiet and respectful as someone is performing. Have fun and let loose! This will be a fairly casual event. Participating [ENIX] Staff DemonicDax VariasaWrath Rewards Every participating player will receive a small participation reward for singing. Getting to know your teammates a little better! Conquering stage-fright and shyness.
  13. Great content, worked together with me to make an avatar for later use, exactly what I wanted and was interacting with me every step of the way. Got done and my jaw dropped at the price. This is a steal, get your sig and avatar work done here. +1 rep
  14. TheSnekLord's Recruitment Raffle Start Date Tuesday, 15th June, 2020 End Date Tuesday, 22nd June, 2020 Ending Time 3PM EST l 7PM UTC l 9PM CEST Draw Type Random, no number choice Entry Qualifications and Rules Player must be in the [ENIX] team. Each player will only receive tickets for one of their accounts in the team. Each player can only receive up to two (2) tickets each. Each qualifying player will be automatically registered for one ticket at the time of event Ending Time. During the active time of the event, players can recruit a player to receive another ticket for the raffle. Recruited players must message Vari#7004 on Discord to have the recruiter qualify for their extra ticket. Participating [ENIX] Staff VariasaWrath Prize Winner's choice of Water A or Fairy egg group Pokemon Random nature, IVs 6x0
  15. For normal trainers, you can rebattle them every six hours.
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