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  1. Hi I dont know why but I got kicked out and when I tried to login in again it said this. Can some1 tell me why I got banned??
  2. If only we had an option like this in competitive and Pvp mode it would be good because sometimes we want to change our move or change the pokemon we are switching to. The cancel option would help me alot.
  3. Just advice for you to become better at the game: Try not to use potions for gym battles to toughen up yourself unless this is a nuzlocke.
  4. Would love a Mudkip version like this. Nice one btw will try it out. Me encantaría una versión de Mudkip como esta. Nice one lo probará. :)
  5. If I am right then you have to go and talk to them every 6 hours. Then they will give you a rematch. No bubble appears. This is ONLY for trainers, not for gym leaders.
  6. Does it mean if you get banned temporary once or twice from chat then after some number of times you will get permanent ban??
  7. Yo , please explain this to me. I thought particles are like badges which u just assign on a poke and it will have it for the rest of its life. Wdym by breeding it and all. Please explain what exactly are particles. :)
  8. Hi dude, Awesome sigs. I just love the sigs you make. Hope to work with you in the future.
  9. Guys have any of you all seen these new beasts. Two new regis and galarian forms of the legendary birds. What more could you want?? What do you all think??
  10. So i am doing gym rebattles and i just wanted to know what are the best multi attack moves which attack more than 1 poke at the same time like surf, earthquake, blizzard etc. So which are the best ones which i can have to sweep the gyms easily??
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