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  1. How and from whom can I sketch Sacred Sword on Smeargle?
  2. In addition to a timer for the egg hatch I suggest that there should also be a like a system notification saying " Your egg hatched into a (Pokemon name)". This can help to keep track of the pokemon hatching. Also maybe a ping sound when the egg hatches just like how Zoom has when a person joins in.
  3. As long as no fairy type mons are implemented I'm good. #NoFairies
  4. I love the idea so this gets an upvote. Instead of rewarding only coins we can also reward Pokemon, cosmetics and particles. For example lvl 25 Pokemon with like 1 x 31 or 2 x 31 can be given. (should be breedable) And like if they have completed 20 quests then you get Questmaster hat, If 30 then Questmaster boots, if 50 then Questmaster outfit, and if 100 Questmaster Backpack. Also particles can be given like if 150 quests then Questmaster particles.(untradeable / unsellable)
  5. Hopefully never. I hate fairies. But I seem to understand your point of view.
  6. Can we update the move knock off to increase its base power and its other effect to make it more viable in PvP. Source : https://pokemondb.net/move/knock-off
  7. Hi all, this is my first guide on PokeMMO. Well first of all thanks to the creators of this awesome game. You have a long way to go and keep up the good work. So without further ado let’s start! Purpose So, this guide is for all those people out there who are struggling while battling gyms and are dying to the harsh Gym Leaders. I attempted to make a team that can be used for all the gym leaders and I haven’t found any flaws yet. If any exist please don’t hesitate to tell me about them. Team The 6 Pokemon that I have chosen are : 1 ) Typ
  8. Hi I dont know why but I got kicked out and when I tried to login in again it said this. Can some1 tell me why I got banned??
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