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  1. I tried something else and I got it done. I appreciate the help.
  2. How and from whom can I sketch Sacred Sword on Smeargle?
  3. In addition to a timer for the egg hatch I suggest that there should also be a like a system notification saying " Your egg hatched into a (Pokemon name)". This can help to keep track of the pokemon hatching. Also maybe a ping sound when the egg hatches just like how Zoom has when a person joins in.
  4. As long as no fairy type mons are implemented I'm good. #NoFairies
  5. I love the idea so this gets an upvote. Instead of rewarding only coins we can also reward Pokemon, cosmetics and particles. For example lvl 25 Pokemon with like 1 x 31 or 2 x 31 can be given. (should be breedable) And like if they have completed 20 quests then you get Questmaster hat, If 30 then Questmaster boots, if 50 then Questmaster outfit, and if 100 Questmaster Backpack. Also particles can be given like if 150 quests then Questmaster particles.(untradeable / unsellable)
  6. I got two useless Super Zinc. I opened 15 in a row. Got nothing worth. Feels bad man. :C
  7. Hopefully never. I hate fairies. But I seem to understand your point of view.
  8. Can we update the move knock off to increase its base power and its other effect to make it more viable in PvP. Source : https://pokemondb.net/move/knock-off
  9. Hi all, this is my first guide on PokeMMO. Well first of all thanks to the creators of this awesome game. You have a long way to go and keep up the good work. So without further ado let’s start! Purpose So, this guide is for all those people out there who are struggling while battling gyms and are dying to the harsh Gym Leaders. I attempted to make a team that can be used for all the gym leaders and I haven’t found any flaws yet. If any exist please don’t hesitate to tell me about them. Team The 6 Pokemon that I have chosen are : 1 ) Typhlosion @ Charcoal Ability: Blaze EVs: 252 SpA / 6 Hp / 252 Spe Timid Nature IVs: 3 x 31 Hp, Sp Atk and Spe - Eruption - Solar Beam - Extrasensory - Flamethrower The most used Pokemon for Gym Rebattles. Because of its access to Eruption through levelling up it is widely used. Pairing it with drought makes it almost unstoppable in gym rebattles. If used with Drought it can take care of its weaknesses. Extrasensory is not at all necessary but it does help a bit for coverage. I don’t have Extrasensory on my Typhlosion but it would be a nice option. You can get it as an egg move from Vulpix or Nuzleaf. Choice specs is a good item but in some gyms it might be irritating. 2 ) Torkoal @ Heat Rock Ability: Drought EVs: 6 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe Modest Nature IVs: 3 x 31 Hp, Sp Atk and Spe - Eruption - Solar Beam - Shell Smash - Earth Power The only Drought setter in PokeMMO. So give it a heat rock to prolong the drought effect. Shell smash is on this set for those times where Typhosion is enough to kill the two pokes. The shell smash boost makes Torkoal strong. Earth power is not necessary, I don’t have it on my Torkoal, it just provides coverage. 3 ) Braviary (M) @ Choice Scarf Ability: Sheer Force EVs: 6 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe Jolly Nature - Rock Slide - Brave Bird - Superpower - U-turn Braivary is a really good birb. I chose it cause of its access to both U-turn and Rock Slide. You can use Archeops instead of its place but defeatist sucks. However even with defeatist it performs extremely well. Keen Eye sucks. Sheer Force is better but Keen Eye works as well. Both abilities are ok. This is an Alternative set for Archeops since breeding Braviary is a pain. Archeops @ Choice Band Ability: Defeatist EVs: 6 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe Jolly Nature - Aqua Tail - Rock Slide - U-turn - Earthquake Archeops has Choice band bcoz of its speed which doesn’t need much boost but with choice band its attack jumps massively which is good for it. Choice scarf is mainly on Braviary to break Air balloons which I will explain later. 4 ) Flygon @ Soft Sand Ability: Levitate EVs: 6 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe Adamant Nature - Dragon Claw - Earthquake - Crunch - Rock Slide It is amazing due to levitate and I prefer it Adamant over Jolly coz if it outspeeds Braviary / Archeops then you are screwed. 5 ) Kingdra @ Mystic Water Ability: Sniper / Swift Swim EVs: 6 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe Timid Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Blizzard - Hydro Pump - Muddy Water - Dragon Pulse He is a dope mon with only one weakness. Blizzard is good on him. I’ll explain why it is used instead of ice beam later. H Pump is for situation when Water absorb Sesmitoad or Storm drain Gastrodon or Cradily. Muddy water is good for attacking those opposing pokes and it also lowers their accuracy. Dragon pulse for stab and pesky dragons. 6 ) Vanilluxe @ Life Orb Ability: Snow Warning EVs: 6 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe Timid Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Blizzard - Ice Beam These are the only two moves you will need. If you want you can give it Hyper Voice for coverage but not necessary. It is the main Dragon killers and blizzard gets 100 Acc in hail so thus snow warning. Stratergies So these are the Strategies / Pairs you can use to start with. 1 ) Drought + Eruption Torkoal and Typhlosion the most used team for gyms bcoz of its raw power. Even it takes care of Water gym coz of Solar Beam. Tips: Occasionally for Water gyms when Empoleon appears feel free to make Torkoal use Eruption to break Empoleon’s teammate’s item if any. Gyms which it is good for: Grass, Water, Bug, Normal, Ice, Steel. 2) BirbEQ (pronounced like Barbeque ) Use Flygon and Braviary together. Braviary has the Choice scarf to break the air balloons which the foes have. Rock slide goes first and then EQ sweeps the rest. If Eq goes first then the Air balloon won’t be broken. Tips : In case Levitate or flying type mons come use double Rock Slide or STAB moves. Gyms which it is good for: Steel, Fire, Rock, Electric,Poison. 3) Double Rock Slide In this strategy both the starting Pokes should use Rock Slide. This has a good chance of flinch and is very good. One of my favourite starting pairs. Gyms which it is good for: Fire, Flying, Bug, Ice, Normal 4) Muddy Water + Snow Warning Blizzard This set is great for Rock and Ground types. Gyms which it is good for: Rock, Flying, Ground 5) Blizzard Spam This the ultimate dragon killing pair. Really strong pair. Gyms which it is good for: Dragon, Flying, Grass, Rock ( to an extent only ), Ground The Pairs that I use to start 1) Fire Gyms I personally use the BirbEQ stratergy. The double intimidate stratergy used sometimes by iirc Chili using Stoutand and Arcanine is irritating but you should be able to pull it off. If any one dies I switch to Kingdra for Dragon Pulse and H Pump/ Muddy water. 2) Water Gyms I use the Torkoal and Typhlosion together. It manages to do the job. If anyone dies I switch to Braviary and then Kingdra for their coverage Rock Slide and Dragon pulse. As I had mentioned earlier you can use the Eruption if Empoleon comes. 3) Grass Gyms I use the Drought stratergy again for Grass Gym. You can also start with Braviary and Typhlosion and use U-Turn to get a kill. If they die use Braviary and Vanilluxe. 4) Bug Gyms I use the Drought technique. Usually Burgh starts with Ferrothorn and Crustle which Typhlosion should be able to deal with. If they die you can also switch to the Double Rock Slide technique. 5) Rock Gyms I use the BirbEQ technique for this. Ocassionally Braviary either gets KOed or Flinched which sucks. Then you can switch to the Muddy water stratergy. 6) Ground Gyms I start with the BirbEQ stratergy and if they die then I switch to Muddy water or Blizzard depending on the opponent’s pokes. Using the Blizzard strat also works since Clay also starts with Gliscor and Torterra sometimes. 7) Steel Gyms I use the BirbEQ strat since steel Gyms have many steel / rock mons.You can also use the Typhlosion later if anyone dies. 8) Electric Gyms I use the BirbEQ strat again. Only the occasional Rotom- Wash and Elektross pose a problem but they die to rock slide. 9) Poison Gyms I haven’t been to Koga (iirc) since I haven’t been to kanto and I don’t know much about him but the BirbEQ strat should work. 10) Psychic Gyms I use the BirbEQ, Rock Slide here also. The only reason I choose this over Typhlosion is the occasional Claydol evo that comes. 11) Fighting Gyms I use the Birb Eq and gradually move over to the typhlosion. You might see pokemon dies since fighting mons often have Rock coverage. 12) Ghost Gyms I use typhlosion and torkoal. I don’t use BirbEQ her bcoz of Mismagius’ Levitate and others. 13) Dragon Gyms This is probably the most hardest gym but I start with Blizzard Spam and gradually go to the double Rock slide. The rock slides take care of thhe Dragon/ Flying mons like Dragonite, Altaria and Salamence. 14) Flying Gyms I use the Double rock slide and then the Blizzard spamming. 15) Normal Gyms I use double rock slide or birbEQ rather than Tuphlosion coz of the occasional dragonite in Lenora’s team. But this is for Unova. For hoenn there are like 3-4 intimidates in 1 set of Norman’s so I use the Typhlosion for Norman in Hoenn. Also Norman has the thunder Slacking occasionally and Sawsbuck. 16) Ice Gyms I use the Typhlosion starting and then switch to others. Rock slide also deals substantial damage. End Once again, would like to thank all PokeMMO makers for this game and I wish everyone good luck with their rebattles. If I have made any mistake please don’t hesitate to notify me.
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