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  1. Item Slot:WigImage of Item: braids Please consider adding a wig or 2, buying the makeover ticket is too expensive for most players who like to switch up their looks once in a while
  2. Item Slot: Top, Back, Hat Image of Item:
  3. IGN: Poratne Preferred Tiers: LC doubles, Gen 8 LC Discord contact: Poratne#3457
  4. SPARK's cheerleading squad "Sometimes all you need is a helping hand" IGN: Poratne
  5. Got this thing on my alt when farming ditto, now I dont have to hunt ditto anymore with those raticates FINALLY
  6. stop tagging )': Im suffering but am happy for the person who got it congrats
  7. You've been invited to join our little game The Mafia strikes once again with another Optics randoms on Showdown. But once again.. WITH A TWIST ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Date February 12th Saturday Time (8pm UTC / 3pm EST) Location Pokemon showdown & voice chat ________________________________________________________________________________________________ For this event you get a completely random team of Pokémon up to gen 7. You are however free to EV and moveset these Pokémon to your liking.... if you're lucky The twist This time we'll play with ALL the pokemon AND a card game. The card game : I have a randomizer with a selection of cards who can affect YOU or your opponents battle significantly. Everyone starts with 1 card, u get rid of this card before you play against your opponent, if u win u get another card if u lose... u get send to the loser bracket and get a 2nd chance. All the cards & uses. Teams are public, the cards aren't till bracket is made. U get an additional 10 minutes after brackets are made to change your team if someone uses their card on you. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Your Pokémon will be assigned by me after your registration, and they will be public, I will dm you your card. Of course you won't know who your opponent will be until we start though!. Additional rules: - If u disobey/lie about one card u'll lose the fight and your opponent wins. (e.g : if your opponent has the card Puppet and u dont listen to their command you will automatically lose the battle.) - The games will be played in the 'gen 7 Anything goes' format. Make sure your team is eligible for it. If you have a Pokémon that is illegal for the format, @ me in #showdown-events and I will reroll the Pokemon that is illegal. - Z-Moves are NOT allowed. - Mega's ARE allowed. (Mega rayquaza ISN'T) - Every time you win a match you are granted one reroll on your team. You are not forced to keep the reroll. - After every round there is a 5-10 minute intermission where you can change up your moves or EV spreads if you want. - The tournament will be double-elimination. Do you believe in second chances? - Free to join for friends of Optic as well! ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Prizes 1st place 2m PokeYen 2nd place 500k PokeYen
  9. Ok so I got pretty disheartened after 5 shiny banettes instead of 1 shiny ariados a shiny raticate instead of shiny ditto and a shiny bibarel instead of a shiny ralts, so I tried different hordes, wanted to go for Illumise or Volbeat, BUT somehow I can keep the legacy going for getting the wrong shiny.
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