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  1. I was told that it is possible to pick Fossils and several other items in pokemon from the stones when they are broken. But I looked it up, checked their items with the ability to frisk about 100 times and so far I haven't found one holding the Helix fossil item. If someone there already managed to find one, where can you tell me? Or can it actually come on any stone?
  2. but then it won't stop me from completing the pokedex?
  3. I'm trying to complete Kanto's Dex, but one thing stops me. As far as I know, there is no way to get a Moltress in the game, but it is registered in my pokedex because a gym leader uses it. What do I do?
  4. I recently used the fossil dome to revive a Kabuto, but how do I get the Helix fossil (which revives Omanyte)? I already looked at the Trade center, but it is not sold there, and the game only allows us to get one of the two fossils. Can someone help me?? (I want to complete Kanto's pokedex)
  5. How do I change a Pokémon's normal Ability to a Hidden Ability? Is it only possible by Breeding? And if only, how?
  6. I tried to install a mod on PokeMMO for Android that exchanges the sound of pokemon for the original anime, but it didn't work. Does anyone know of any that works on an Android phone?
  7. I tried to put mods of the original pokemon voices in the game on the cell phone, but it doesn't work, even though I already activated the code. Does anyone know where I download one that works in the current version of PokeMMO?
  8. How do I play PokeMMO offline? Whenever I choose offline mode something like "The public test server client is needed for this server" appears.
  9. Is there an item that "chooses" the sex of a wild pokemon that appears?
  10. what is the Destiny Knot item for in this game?
  11. Guys, is there any item that, when insured, prevents a pokemon from leveling up or gaining experience? And if so, could you tell me where and how I would get it?
  12. I'm trying to create a pokemon with 5 IVs 31 per breed, but I don't know how to do that. Can someone help me by explaining in detail?
  13. where I can find the berrys that reduce the EV status (Atk, Def, Speed etc)?
  14. When I go to island 2 and then I go to the maniac pokemon, he says that I need 2 small mushrooms or 1 big mushroom. The point is that I had the 2 small mushrooms in my bag and even so he said that I needed to have them. Can I just make him teach a forgotten Pokemon attack with the big mushroom?
  15. I can't unlock islands 4 through 7. Can someone explain (in detail) how I unlock them?
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