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  1. bro im told u mi mouse she brock lesnar xDD
  2. best option available is to stop playing
  3. [VVVV] Veni Vidi Vici Vixi (0) Vs [läva] läva (0) UU: SweeTforU vs PoseidonWrath @PizzaConewe 500k Dubs: Imabetheverybest vs Lactosoid @CaptnBaklava 200k each. [NORE] NoRematch (0) Vs [SIÂ] Sic Itur Ad Astra (0) OU: Luke vs gbwead @CaptnBaklava 1m OU: pablobacas vs Lunarck UU: UmbraMol vs Mkns UU: QuinnW vs enchanteur NU: xLuneth vs MadaraSixSix NU: MendeeZ vs Jaawax Dubs: DocPBJ vs Kamimiii Dubs: iJulianFNT vs Azphiel LC: Lotus vs TheDH @InuYashaL SM-OU: tMoi vs LLLiolae @InuYashaL 500k to 1m each. Void if sub.
  4. @ItsGray u owe me 500k from TDH winning week 5 vs monkesimpmathew.
  5. Betting against your own team? Damn bro.
  6. ZireaelCiri has defeated himself in a duel.
  7. I think this is the best suggestion I've seen in a while and I could not agree more with it. 100% voted up. Like, why even have IVs and be able to breed? Just turn the game into a catch-mmo and everyone will be happy. U a real one bro, massive respect.
  8. very good contribution, thank you sir I don't know if I would vote yes to a PorygonZ ban since there hasn't been many tournaments or information to gather from, but from what I've seen it can be extremely deadly vs offensive teams and it forces people to run things like rest on Gigalith or SpDef Bronzong (which is not ideal). Imo it is a very centralizing mon and extremely simple to use which makes it even worse, it requires almost no skill, since anyone can run it and just click tri-attack and maybe get a win off that. We wouldn't want a meta based off this, right?
  9. This is what kills PSL every single time, the waiting and the stupid breaks.. Idk why every host keeps trying to intentionally kill this event
  10. no likes... Need to up your game bro, hejj.
  11. V4 vs. NORE finals would be poetic af
  12. I owe @Redalie 200k - mailed @MknsZblexowes me 100k (souu's opp was subbed) @Sebatowes me 100k @AwaXGokuboth opponents were subbed so void.
  13. We should all listen to the great Kupokun, after all, he was Past PSL's best underrated player. I think everything this guy says should be taken into account and fully implemented immediately.
  14. dont be a uguu lmao, dont explain yourself
  15. thank u maybe NORE can join this one
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