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  1. Devil Bats (0) vs Vermilion Villains (0) OU2: Frags - Yosoyarca Dubs: Titoooo - Rendi LC: Urquidi - Baneadito - take by @urquidi owes me 100k M-OU: ZacMorales - Kiwikidd @Chopyta won - paid M-LC: KiiritoX - Busso Empoleon Bonaparuguu (0) vs The Trashtalking Taillows (0) OU2: Brianattackpro - Pablobacas @Brianatack7 NU: Cristi - JuniorPT @calidubstep owes me 100k Dubs: Superman - IJulianFNT M-OU: Schuchty - Bluebreath Sailor Lunatones (0) vs Nincadas with attitudes (0) OU1: DoubleJ - Chuckunso - @DarylDixon lost OU2: THORRM - Abstractt @DarylDixon void UU: TohnR - Umbramol @DarylDixon lost Dubs: Aldahirramirez - DocPBC @DarylDixon won LC: Inxss - GasaiYunoSan @Chopyta won - paid M-NU: SweetForU - Aerun M-Dubs: Artemiseta - EYL @DarylDixon won Just Blaziken it (0) vs The Ruthless Rotoms (0) OU1: Lunarck - Darker OU2: Zokuru - Wrathend UU: Mlhawk - Huargensy @DarylDixon won NU: Kriliin - xLuneth Dubs: Zigh - AkaruKokuyo LC: TheDH - Xondex - take by @XondeX lost M-UU: Icekob - Mkns @calidubstep lost M-NU: Tawla - Stelian @calidubstep won @Chopyta paid his bets @calidubstep owes me 100k @DarylDixon paid i owe @XondeX 100k @urquidi owes me 100k 100k every bold. Don't take if you're blacklisted.
  2. Up to 5m Blazikens make it to playoffs - can only take before season start
  3. imabe is trash gg https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen8randombattle-1189101157
  4. Can we have seasonal tournaments again? Besides PSL this is the single thing that brought most hype into this game Leaderboard Tournaments? Shiny comps as tournament prizes? I still don't understand why hosting a non-shiny comp tournament is a thing(besides CCs), it's obvious they are not interesting for the majority of the competitive player-base as they constantly fail to get filled. What is the point in continuing to host these extremely long yet unrewarding events?
  5. Idk if we should win or get first rounded next TT. There's no in-between. What do y'all think?
  6. I predict Sailor Lunatones (lmfao) won't make it to the playoffs, no matter the players. I also predict Daryl will rage quit the season at least twice due to hax ever rng broths :v.
  7. Yo, can I get a sig with Infernape and Alakazam? NORE LeJovi
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