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  1. I would like to potentially play for PedroLindoUnico and Kupokun.
  2. @CaptnBaklava paid 🙂 I didn't pay because I was not playing the game. Enjoy.
  3. hi when is the next tt im want to play thanks
  4. I have a solution, stop playing this game. And if you do play, just realize that you will most likely end up playing the ladder for rewards that literally don't matter, either that or shiny hunting? Idk. Devs obviously don't care, why should we? There are plenty of games out there.
  5. I suggest quitting immediately
  6. Team Name: NORE Captain: LeJovi Players: LeJovi Umbramol Luke pablobacas LifeStyle xLuneth Rendi iJulianFNT YettoDie SweeTforU Subs: iFat QuinnW Cheerleaders: Crimar Axoa Calculatrize manjume NikhilR BlackJovi Molly NiceRNG Zymo
  7. give up bro they don't care
  8. remove one of those trash tiers and add DPP thank u
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