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  1. Yes, the best team of the year 2019 and 2020 with a bunch of accomplished players in the game is talking about humility. See the difference between that and a random dude on a random team who hasn't won anything talking?
  2. Dw bro, maybe in 2022 we will be able to use Zoroark properly.
  3. @Rache the low hp durant is Zoroark. Is this not a bug?
  4. I see, thanks I'm sure there are other bugs though, lf @Umbramol @TohnR @pachima
  5. I mean, just run 6 pokes that don't let porygon boost.. wtf lol
  6. Are you ever gonna fix this? Disguise doesn't work properly.
  7. Team Name: NoRematch Team Tag: NORE Registered Players: LeJovi LeButler LifeStyle Luke EYL xLuneth Axoa Frags NikhilR iJulianFNT Pablobacas kiwikidd abstractt Haazuu Rendi Zymogen iMat DocPBC Team Captain: LeJovi
  8. Gonna end up back in UU anyways, same as every month.. LF new movement policies
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