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  1. Thank you i will try that
  2. How do i mute people in android??
  3. Thank you bro :) yes yes this is it Wow really loved it.
  4. hello everyone can anyone give me the link to the pokemon location guide *lastest* (please donot tell me to look into the pokedex) P.S. as to get the location you need to first catch the pokemon.
  5. Do we still get snorlax in berry forest? But the pokedex say cerulean cave but my friend insists it still does?
  6. Ohh thats why i was not getting the light ball in horde but just portion. Btw i read your "storyline guide" it was really really helpful Thank you, looking forward for more help :)
  7. Is thief and pickup same? Will pickup ability let you have the held item as the theif move or it just gives random item?
  8. Hidden power is referred to the move right?
  9. Ok thank you i will try these movesets
  10. Hello sorry i dont understand what you are saying
  11. Hello everyone, I wanted to know if a crobat(4×31) can be a s.attacker? I know crobat is good in attack but my crobat has modest nature(it made me cry when i noticed) Moveset: confuse ray/substitute Toxic/sludge bomb Venoshock/shadow ball Air slash/air cutter 252 speed, 200 s. attack, 58 hp is it ok?
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