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  1. IGN: BillionGenes Words: 1,067 Divided we fall, Together we rise Vivid sunray strikes gently through the window panel and smoothly crawl across my face. I opened my eyes then gazed at the serene sky. Greater happiness course inside of me because this will be the day that I will start my own unique adventure. I rapidly went downstairs and greeted my mom “good morning ” with an enthusiastic spirit. Familiar aroma of my Mom’s cooking made me quite teary since this will be the last day for a very long time that I will manage to eat her superb dishes. I ate my breakfast at tremendous speed because of excitement and so that I won’t be late on going to Professor Juniper’s Lab. I hugged my Mom tightly and she asked me with a gentle voice to always take care and give her a heads up whenever bad things might occur. As I walk down the aisle of our road, I caught a glimpse of the everyday routine of several Pokemon. Horde of Pidove graciously sang a sweet melody while Patrat and Lillipup dance by the rhythm beneath the tree. Purrloin stretching her splendid body and preparing to take the morning walk. Looking at them go, I swiftly wonder who will be the very first Pokemon beside me. Soon, Professor’s Lab is on sight. I knocked on the door and Professor Juniper welcomed me inside her lab. We talked about various things regarding Pokemon and she grant me some essential pointers as a fresh trainer and gave me some necessary equipment such as Pokeballs and Potions. Then the moment of picking my very own starter Pokemon went by. She unleashed three different Pokemon that is new to my eyes. The first one named Oshawott made a brave appearance and he place his hand beside his chest like it’s saying “you can count on me”. The next one named Tepig made a cute voice as he jump around, it seems excited on meeting a new person. The last one entices my heart as he magnificently jump and made a soft landing on the floor. His name was Snivy. He piqued my interest and a suddenly jolt of connection was made when both our eyes met. He seems quite dignified but I picked him because I knew and I felt that we will become the very best together. We embark on our first journey together and shortly we encountered a familiar bird on the road. It faces us up-front and I confirmed that it was indeed a Pidove. Our foremost battle commenced, I ordered Snivy to use Tackle Attack and Pidove dealt a great damage. Soon I throw a Pokeball on Pidove and both me and Snivy are nervously staring at it while it sways left and right. Soon, the Pokeball stayed still and we knew that we successfully caught our second companion on our great story. We reached the Striaton City afterwards. Snivy and Pidove made an excellent tandem and we manage to beat our first gym and got our earliest gym badge and proceeded to hit the second badge. I also made a few friends while travelling from one City to another. Our team expanded on a breathtaking growth as we catch countless of Pokemon along the way onto our last gym badge. On that moment, Snivy already evolved to Servine and lastly, into Serperior. We had a hard time dealing with Iris because of her powerful dragon types Pokemon but Serperior made a huge comeback and we got our last gym badge and now we’re gearing up to beat the Elite Four. During that time, my friends already gave up their starters just for the reason that they have "Average" stats and power compare to other Pokemon, so they didn't use them anymore. I unleash Serperior out of his Pokeball. Loud and Ferocious cry echoed in the wilderness, brave yet majestic pose at the end. All of the memories together from the moment I picked him, up until now, burst inside of me, in that moment, I knew we can beat the Unova Region together. One by one, we wiped out the Elite four but it is not an easy feat, because we are all too exhausted and I even feel our brink of defeat while facing towards our greatest threat so far which is the Pokemon Champion, Alder. We exchange blows at extreme speed, from one Pokemon to another. Up to the point that Serperior and Volcarona are the only Pokemon we both got standing. Type advantage wise, Serperior is on a great disadvantage as for the reason that Volcarona is also a Fire type Pokemon. But thankfully because of my vigorous Unfezant, his Volcarona is now weary before facing Serperior. The battle between the two made the Pokemon League tremble. Moves after moves, both parties take a huge damage to one another. I shouted will all my might to proceed with my last resort “Serperior, use Solar Beam!!! ” with a harsh sunlight spreading throughout the arena, Serperior swiftly release the powerful beam of light and it directly hit Volcarona. Smokescreen covered the whole battlefield and as it all clears up, Volcarona is laying on the floor and Serperior is standing still, emitting a strong aura of triumph. Finally, because of the help of Serperior and my other Pokemon, we manage to beat the Unova Region without losing a single battle. Thinking about it, there are several ups and downs that we stumble upon along the way. There are also moments that I lose hope but strangely, the very existence of Serperior on my team screams "don't give up ", and I surprisingly win through it. Now it has come to an end, another beginning will emerge. Although it makes me unhappy, I need to let go of Serperior and my other precious Pokemon in order for me to move onto another region and grow more as a trainer. I checked his Pokeball one last time and I glance at it and gently said goodbye with a sad tone. I went to the Pokemon Center and I opened the PC. I placed him together with all the Pokemon that we encountered and caught along the way. Sadness is all I felt but before I closed the PC, I looked into Serperior one last time and another silent voice whispered in my ears saying "You can do it, because I always believe in you ".
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