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  1. What is the specific time period for ranked? It says 2 hrs whenever one finishes
  2. The description of the item doesn't help much
  3. Was it really that game breaking that they had to remove it completely? I just got a Garchomp today :(
  4. Thank you! Was this a recent change?
  5. Is PokeMMO ever gonna add Hidden Abilities? Also is Garchomp's ability useless in PvP?
  6. What does it mean by "ignores burns", does it not increase atk?
  7. Is it first come first serve or randomly selected from the signup list?
  8. Thanks! One more question, does Rank Rating ever reset?
  9. So it is affected by the winrate of Unranked battles?
  10. Hi, I mean is the BP reward from Unranked determined by one's Ranked Rating.
  11. Is the reward determined by one's current rating in ranked? Also does ranked rating ever reset?
  12. Oh I see. How was outrage nerfed?
  13. Is Scyther available for use in LC Tier tournaments? I know he says NU on Pokedex but is he also be LC?
  14. Could someone explain to me why Mamoswine is UU on PokeMMO and OU on Smogon BW? New to competitive Pokemon. Could it be due to the fact that he can't get Thick Fat ability? Thanks!
  15. Would I be able to use an ability change pill on Dragonite to change it to Multiscale? I want to know before I buy the pill. Thanks!
  16. Thanks! By that logic, can we just reteach egg moves if they're also learned at lvl 1?
  17. I have a level 100 Scizor, is there still a way to teach it Bullet Punch? Thanks!
  18. Thank you! Would a TM also be able to teach Ferrothorn Stealth Rock?
  19. Who can teach a Ferrothorn Stealth Rock or does a TM work?
  20. does it need to know the know the moves first?
  21. I am having a lot of trouble trying to breed Leech seed to a Ferroseed. If could tell me how I could accomplish this it would be much appreciated.
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