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  1. Hello! We're aware of this problem, and we'll try to fix it as soon as possible. Thank you so much for the report!
  2. Yes, that's the estimated update time.
  3. Hello! if you want to report any kind of support, or you want to appeal your ban, do it here: https://support.pokemmo.eu/login/
  4. Winners! 1st Place Team ReDrago (Retremos & lachidrago) 2nd Place Team Who cares (SweeTforU & Tawla) Thank you everyone for coming to this special event! It was nice to see such amazing battles! And HUUUGE thanks to my beloved reffies: @MPDH @BrokenBulb @Mikyiiand @DeusBruno! ♥♥♥
  5. Yes, you can even swtich tiers with your buddy through the rounds
  6. Hey Aerun, thanks for the suggestion, but non automated tournaments are smaller, and 64 players is the max amount we can reach per tour.
  7. Registrate with the example we did put in the description, 10 minutes prior to the event start hour: Team name: Staff Team Player OU: MPDH Player NU: xJoseee
  8. Hello, remember that you have to register 10 minutes prior to the event start.
  9. Lamprey Lamp! Details Automated Tournament | Single Battle | 64 Players | 6v6 NU Date & Time Friday, 24th September 2021 5PM CEST | 3PM UTC | 11AM ET | Time Zone Converter Registration Registrations will open 15 minutes prior to the tournament. You can register by clicking on the PvP menu option (Masterball icon) and then select "Tournament Signup". You may only enter on one account. Clauses Evasion / Sleep / OHKO / Unique Species / Self-KO Tournament Clauses Explained NU Ban List 1st Place Prize GIFT Shiny Eelektross Lv. 50 Your choice of nature, gender, 2 moves, with 2 selectable IVs + 4x25 IVs & 1000 Reward Points  2nd Place Prize 500 Reward Points 3rd-4th Place Prize 250 Reward Points
  10. Drawing made by @Tear♥! Details Single Battle - Tournament Mode | 32 Teams (64 Players) | 6v6 OU & NU Explanation Players will compete in pairs to advance through the bracket by winning both of their duels for each round, one player will duel in the OU tier and the other in the NU tier. In the case of a tie the winning players from each couple will go head to head in a NU tie breaker. Players are welcome to switch tiers in between rounds. Date and Time Sunday, 19th September 2021 | 4 PM CEST | 2 PM UTC | 10 AM ET | Time Zone Converter Registration To register post both players IGNs in this thread along with a team name 10 minutes before the tournament starts. You may only register one team per person. Edited posts will NOT be accepted as a valid registration. Only registered players are allowed to play. Players can be registered in only one team. Entry must be made by a member of the team Template for regristration: Team name: Player OU: Player NU: Example: Location: Silph Co, Kanto, Channel 4 Clauses: Evasion / Sleep / Self KO / Unique Species / OHKO Tournament Clauses Explained NU Ban List: 1st Place Team & Shiny Gift Kingdra Lv. 50 and Shiny Gift Escavalier Lv. 50 Your choice of nature, 2 moves, with 2 selectable IVs (0-31) and 4x25 IVs (Up to players to decide who gets which, 1 of each pokemon) & 600 Reward Points per player 2nd Place Team 400 Reward Points per player Notes: Disconnecting during a match results in a DQ if the player is unable to reconnect. Do not block the Staff running the event. If you disregard requests for you to unblock staff members, you will be disqualified. Once your match is called you will have 10 minutes to report to the table. No time extensions will be given. Hosts: MPDH & xJoseee Refs: BrokenBulb & Mikyii
  11. Hello and welcome back! The only one compulsory is Black and White. About Kanto, we use Fire Red. Remember not to ask for them in public or private, you have to obtain them by your own (I know you didn't , just a reminder!)
  12. Winners! 1st Place Novz-172 Points  2nd Place gralicterrapin-171 Points 3rd-4th Place cuist-168 Points ashingp-20 Points (caught at 10:28:12 UTC) Thank you everyone for coming, and huge thanks to @MPDH, @Mikyii and @DamianTe for helping!
  13. Hello! Here in PokeMMO, event date is never announced until it starts, so it basiclly remains unknown until it appears!
  14. Hello! Devs announced Johto is on far developing plans, but there's no ETA yet (Estimated time of Arrival)
  15. Hello! Unfortunately, we can't provide support on ChromeOS. But you can try adding your ROM files manually to your ROM folder: (PokeMMO directory - ROMs)
  16. The 7th Candle! Date: Tuesday, 14th September 2021 Time: 12 PM CEST | 10 AM UTC | 6 AM ET | Time Zone Converter Location: Celestial Tower, Unova, Ch. 1 Duration: 1 hour for catching Another 10 minutes for players to submit entries Scoring: Total sum of IVs + Species Bonus + Nature Bonus = Total Score Pokemon accepted as valid entries: Litwick Nature Bonus Timid +5 Modest +3 Rules: To win 1st-3rd places that are sorted by high to low, you need to submit an entry that scores the highest To win the 4th place you need to submit an entry that scores the lowest You can only submit one entry All pokemon must be caught within the event time and at the event location All pokemon must remain unchanged (untrained, unevolved...) Evolved or unevolved forms of the listed pokemon will not be accepted as a valid entry You must be the OT of the pokemon You must link your entry to any participating staff member via whisper to submit it In the event of a tie, the winner will be determinated by the earliest catch time Participating Staff: xJoseee DamianTe MPDH 1st Place Prize GIFT Litwick Your choice of nature, 4 moves and 6 selectable IVs & 1,000 Reward Points  2nd Place Prize 500 Reward Points 3rd-4th Place Prize 250 Reward Points
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