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  1. I hope you will be heard brother. The cancel button is important in pvp.
  2. Team Tag: [Pâst]Team Name: ShadowOfThePastRegistered Players: VelociRapToRl, Hernjet, Fibraxxxx, Pelkino, ShellUny, xHeitorFK, TiburoncinDS, Rickypoke, Ebayee, ZozoMgl, Escanor, Teseliaxd, alenoobxD, SrKero, SiwanMS, ByronerAJNG, harlamgamer, DiositoSlurpuff, JulioZm, ElGuapoXD.Team Captain: VelociRapToRl
  3. Team Tag: [Pâst] Team Name: Shadow Of The Past Registered Players: VelociRapToRl, Hernjet, StokesAG, Huargensy, Fibraxxxx, Rickypoke, Devilongo, ShellUny, SiwanMS, JakiroMax, TiburoncinDS, RohMartinez, alenoobxD, waltersot, Pelkino, PoisonAbben, Personajexx, DarkarArtz. Team Captain: VelociRapToRl
  4. Team Name: ShadowOfThePast Team Tag: [Pâst] Registered Players: aldahirramirez, ThuxS, Fibraxxxx, AstroFaizan, VelociRapToRl, lLeviX, Rickypoke, Devilongo, JakiroMax, TiburoncinDS, Joniton, Clayclover, BlackAlanis, PoisonAbben, DarkarArtz, killuacuba, zAlexiiis Team Captain: aldahirramirez
  5. Linoone to NU? It makes no sense to change Linoone. The only thing they will provoke is that we use Steelix, gigalith; to be able to stop it.
  6. You need to ban Hydreigon from OU or at least Comet Draco. It is not possible that when buildear you think that pokemon can stop that thing. Limit your team. Simply the answer is chansey or blissey, or some steel, like ferrothron. And what happens if it has Focus Energia? Just clean a whole team unless you don't bring someone faster or priority. Before the big update Hydreigon was among the 8 or 10 most used poke now it is the most used Third.
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