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  1. Jajajajaja. Los numeros hablan por si solo. Quien es playerxz xdd
  2. Team Tag: Past Team Name: Shadow Of The Past RegisteredPlayers: Velociraptorl,Hernjet,Intell,,Fibraxxx,Ryuner,ByronerAJNG,,Rickypoke,Crahistu,AYDB,TiburoncinDS,JulioZM,xHeiktorFK,Estratsgem, LeewenX,XXCDanielXX, trollitubs,,PlayerZY,Puggi Team Captain: Velociraptorl
  3. Team Name: Shadow Of The Past Team Tag: [Past] RegisteredPlayers: Velociraptorl,AYDB.Ryuner,Hernjet,ByronerAJNG,Fibraxxx,JulioZM,Rickypoke,LeewenX,XxCDanielxX,Crahistu,PlayerZY,Puggi,xHeiktorFK,Estratsgema,Huargensy,Trollitubs Team Captain: Velociraptorl
  4. Please, Please, Please. Make it limited please devs
  5. Team Name: Shadow Of The Past Team Tag: [PΓ‚ST] Registered Player:Velociraptorl TiburoncinDs JulioZm Ryuner INTELL Hernjet Byroner Fibraxxx Rickypoke Estratsgema LeewenX Harlamgamer Jesushumo ShadowPika XXCDanieXX Killuacuba AYDB SantyxA Team Captain: Velociraptorl
  6. I don't know what kind of person you are but it is not ignoring the problem. In any case, this suggestion section would not exist, it is about improving the game.
  7. Tag: Past Team Name: ShadowOfThePast Players:Velociraptorl,JulioZm,TiburoncinDs,Fibraxxx,Ryuner,Rickypoke,Hernjet,ByronerAJNG,HarlamGamer,INTELL,AYDB,lEscanor,PIata ,Estratsgema,LeewenX,Makepurry,ShadowPika,SantyxA,PlayerZY,killuacuba Captain: Velociraptor l
  8. Team Name: Caldo de Oso Cap: Velociraptorl Player1:Fibraxxx Player2:Ryuner Player3:DanielZF Player4:Intell Player5: GabrielAZ
  9. IGN: ByronerAJNG Time Zone (UTC format): -4 Tiers: NU/OU Fluff: This is my first official PSL, I am dedicated in my tiers and with my practices and I try to give my best in each fight and I always aspire to win, but above all to learn to be better. Discord: Byroner#5704
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