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  1. I totally recomend this breeding service, mi amor xPauu is fast and cheap and she the best UnU. thank you ♥
  2. Team name: HaxedPlayers Registered players:Endiii, Pablobacas, CarolML, nguyenduy, DogXebec Subs: CandyXs
  3. ye or they were both busy or offline
  4. IGN: Endiii Timezone: GMT +1 Tiers: OU Fluff: I love China, MPDH, xPauu, GAmelia, Mally, [lava]Pablobacas. #FreeSuperman #FreeTaillows #43
  5. IGN: Endiii Motivation: I'd like to try this new experience, there's no harm in trying, i'm gonna give less known players chances to shine, i want to prove that not only pokemmo boomers can be good managers new gens should get a chance and i'm not gonna buy players bcs they are nice, funny etc... i'll buy who i believe will perform good. I'm gonna be the Julian Nagelsmann of PokeMMO ^-^ PSL as player: PSL 13 Trashtalking taillows PSL as manager: none
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