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  1. IGN: Endiii Reason: I've only started playing OU 2 months ago but I beat some top tier players in the said tier. I really believe that PSL can help be grow as player and prove to everyone that nothing can beat "determination" eventho you just played in the very short time. Preferred Tiers: OU Competitive accolades (optional, although it certainly increases your chances of getting picked/having an higher salary): I won my first official tournament CC #204 and reach atleast round 3 or 4 in every official tournament. And I've reached semi-finals and finals in some Einstein tournaments with me playing OU. Discord contact (optional): Endirei#8264 Other random stuff: You can test my skills.
  2. Team Name: Neymar jr da silva Team members: Endiii, Alerqs, Materiano, Sambavai
  3. Team Name: Pasta e Fagioli Registered Players: Endiii, KevinDaPokeTrain, Edriyan
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