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  1. I didn't record last week, but im recording this week again. Please can you PM me on discord if you would like your match to be recorded. Since I don't get notifications all the time from here. Best to message 15 mins before the match so that I don't forget later on the day TAG: Masafumi#8450
  2. Yo guys so I created a video on how to make a 2x31 3x25+ breed. Please check out the video description for more in dept explanation! There is a part in the video where I didnt explain what to do to get the Dratini, so PLEASE check out the description! I also spend 200-250k on this breed alone, the price may vary depending on what you breed. Furthermore, I used magikarps in the video as I am familiar with prices and had worked with them before I hope it helps people out, and I am sorry if breeding services are not as profitable.
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