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  1. Hakune

    Hello :)

    Oh well ._. Yeah, see u soon in couple days or so! xD
  2. Hakune

    Hello :)

    Thankss c: Well, I still can't play the game because I accidently picked the wrong starter and now I want to start over, but I can't delete my character xD How long do I have to wait now? :o If u ask yourself why I just don't create a new one, I really wan't to use my username as my ingame name c:
  3. Hakune

    Hello :)

    Omg alwayyys, the last movie that I watched was "Your Name" and it was so good.. :'c Lately I've been watching more movies than series cuz I can't find any good ones, do you know some you could definitely recommend? :o
  4. Hakune

    Hello :)

    Thanks for the kind posts c: @WildHodor, gibt es hier auch sowas wie Teams oder Gilden? :o
  5. Hakune

    Hello :)

    Wow, so many posts hehe.. ^-^" Thank u so much // Danke euch c:
  6. Hakune

    Hello :)

    Heey, I used to play this game a year ago and now i'm back with a new account ^^ Short things about me: I'm 20 years old and i'm from Germany I'm a huge fan of K-Pop and Anime :D My favourite color is turquoise c: See u guys ingame! o/
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