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  1. Bump. I've updated some of my order delivery timings in the OP. Due to my job, my weekdays are quite hectic so I can't always promise a 24 hour delivery. I hope you can understand my situation. Weekends are the best time to contact me. I'll be able to do my orders faster. Thanks for understanding 🙂 Bump ^^
  2. An opt-in option would be nice. Especially if you happen to face your friend on the ladder. A little banter between friends is always nice 🙂
  3. Bump 🙂 All orders completed. Free for even more
  4. Hmm... I've never done such services before. @kuplion has a sweet smeargle gig. Not sure if his shop is still open but drop him a dm and he'll probably help you out with this. He even trains em to lvl 100 for you so its quite convenient.
  5. Democracy is a beautiful thing, but like every other system — it's flawed. Votes can be rigged and a majority of the player base don't use the forums. What we are seeing a very vocal minority.
  6. Busy with orders till Sunday. Open to orders from Monday. 🙂 Ba-bump
  7. Temporary solutions galore. If even showdown — who's meta game is much more balanced due to a good TC lineup — decided to ban kings rock, I don't understand why it doesn't warrant a ban here. I don't play pvp enough over here but even I would be frustrated if I spent a whole game outplaying the opponent and the dude wins because his cloyster flinched me to death.
  8. Ah yes .. Name them, blame them, and shame them! 🤣
  9. Shop is back open. Feel free to flood me with orders ❤️ I do both EV training and Breeding. Prices can be found in the first post.
  10. Shop update: EV shop is closed as well. Please don't send me any more orders. Thank you.
  11. Bump. My ev shop is still open 🙂
  12. Thanks for that. Been having a busy week. Haven't had the time to update my bet post constantly. Will do it soon.
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