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  1. The solution is drastic change. Either the devs can't do it, won't do it, or don't care. Can't do it because it's literally a team of 4 handling this massive undertaking which is a tall task for even a small game development company let alone 4 devs who are fans of the game. Won't do it because they are fine with the status quo as long as money keeps pouring in. Expanding the team requires money to be spent. They just got too comfortable with the money they are getting now to contemplate sharing some of that money to new members who could potentially help
  2. The dude just took 4 hours to finish my lvl 100 mon ... Fast and reliable. 10/10.
  3. I'll send you a mon :) Take your time with it. Also you need to update your ign. It's wrong. :)
  4. I'd make a covid joke about the title but I'm not creative enough.
  5. The only use for brave bird is for volcarona imo. I'd rather have u-turn on it so that you can pivot a lot easier. Otherwise, the other moves are pretty much standard on Mandi.
  6. Mark the date. Feb 28th, 2021. The greatest EV trainer/ Breeder is making a comeback ;)
  7. It's a very interesting prospect indeed. If everyone pays the same amount of rent that wouldn't be any fun as team vary in size and activity. But how would we decide om a rent structure for all types of teams? Sounds like a great idea nonetheless. Upvoted!
  8. The fundamental reason why Pokemmo is such a slow game to update is because there are only 4 devs. They can only work so fast. The pokemmo team is just a small group of enthusiasts and not a big game developer. So all the lack of content will only be fixed in time. We just have to wait.
  9. Definitely and I don't deny that. But never to such a drastic extent. Sure. Just giving some advice as some who used to do this a lot and was successful at it. :)
  10. I'm taking bets. I bet he'll close the shop within a week.
  11. Rather have giga drain instead of hurricane for gastro and rotom-Ws. Missing a move on this mon is pretty much a death sentence. I'd also sacrifice some fire power for longevity by adding safeguard so you dont get toxic'd by blissey/chansey which are common switch ins. But safeguard is a more niche set so yeah its up to you. I'd personally just go for the guts set because of how broken it is. EQ is much better than brick break imo.
  12. Bump Just before I stopped playing, I was getting into LC learning from Bartek and now this has happened. I don't understand why devs would make such a decision without informing/consulting the community first. Hope the decision is reversed and we get matchmaking as well.
  13. The game has been designed in a way so as to give players a challenge which is why gyms are much stronger than the original games. Level caps exist because this is an MMO. It is completely different from the original games. There is no fun when you can just buy a lvl 100 mon from GTL and sweep all 4 regions with it. You might as well play the original game if you are looking for easy gameplay.
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