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  1. A special untradeable vanity for completing the caught OT pokedex. Give us something!
  2. Bump :) Looking to get into LC breeding so if anyone has any LC breeds that you would like done, please don't hesitate to contact me. My prices will definitely be fair and a lot better than what most offer :)
  3. I wouldn't say its the same since you can still be smart with your switches to try and get guts activated. This allows for more skill based play with conk which I think is a win in a competitive system like Pokemon. Ban it on conk I mean :P
  4. I personally think that banning flame orb and toxic orb would be for the best. Guts is Conks defining trait and I think removing it would just hurt Conk and make it trash. Lets guts stay on and ban toxic orb and flame orb. Then you just have to be smart with predicts and switch in on a wisp or toxic.
  5. Schuchty is already taken by Sebat so that bet is not available anymore. However, XondeX is available and I'll put your name there. :)
  6. My prices will be updated once the next update hits. EVs+lvl 50 will be 35k EVs alone will be 20k I will also be opening my shop to the public once the update hits. Cheers :)
  7. You must like being blocked by everyone.
  8. Whew ... Thanks for not taking my bet. GGs lads
  9. Probably happen in the next big update.
  10. See, I've thought about this before. I'm not entirely comfortable with this being allowed because I do believe there is a downside to this suggestion. I'm just not smart enough to figure out what that is. I hope someone can point out the flaws of this suggestion. Should be an interesting discussion.
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