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  1. 400k for a 3x31 3x27 Lucario is criminal.
  2. Thanks for that. Been having a busy week. Haven't had the time to update my bet post constantly. Will do it soon.
  3. Lol .. It's alright 😄 I was just having fun. Good luck with your service!
  4. @Riesz or @Mikyii might be able to help answer that.
  5. Semi Sand team. https://pokepast.es/81d3f37f056c6335 Breloom has been EV'd to outspeed defensive mence. Breloom is only here to sleep stuff so that ttar can set up sand and switch to the threats. Ttar is our special wall. Enough speed to outspeed mandibuzz with no speed investment. 2ko with stone edge. This baby is our main hazard setter. Gave it babiri to handle zone a bit better. It can handle all types of zone except specs so there's that. Banded drill is our sand abuser. Not much else to be said about it. Cofa is our fighting and spinning check. The team so far is ridiculously weak to conk and other brelooms as well. Its a decent wall to kabutops as well. Gastro is our rain counter. Nothing much needs to be said about this. Scarf chomp is to just catch people by surprise. Added SR to its set in case ttar failed. I didn't see the need to add a defogger or a spinner on to the team. The goal is to force the opponent to defog giving us an extra turn. Its a pretty standard team with ttar and exca at its core. I really wanted to add sand force instead of rush but I wanted a little speed control hence rush. I'm not a pvp player by any means so its just a rudimentary attempt at something from a newbie.
  6. Sorry I've been really busy. I'll pay back all my W3 bets soon. Let me just update my list. EDIT: Paid all my bets so far.
  7. Bred me some perfect mons in astonishing speed. He even let me have the final two breeds. You're getting your money's worth here. 11/10
  8. Thank you for that. Good to know that it's been tried and tested. Thanks for the guide @Neuzzz
  9. Is there an official source which can confirm what determines an egg's hatch time? (including flame body and donator) From what I can see, different mons have different hatch times. Is the hatch time determined by gender/nature/species/egg group? Any one of those?
  10. My first shiny egg. Randomly got it while breeding.
  11. Bro, I have nothing to do with this. Leave me alone!
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