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  1. Welcome back to the club <3 Btw, if you can find your EV shop link in the trash then maybe you can restore it. EDIT: I found it lmao
  2. make sure the timburr is female and the chimchar is male. :)
  3. SHOP UPDATE: The EV discount will end on 10th August. Thank you to everyone who has supported my comeback, especially @TheBloo <3.
  4. @Insensitivity doing the Lord's work. Thanks for this mod! :D
  5. Now, I do not know where I must post this. I do not know if this is a bug, or if it was never implemented. I hope the mods will look at this and move the thread to its rightful place. We all know that you get fossils from geodudes and gravelers but only if you find them while rock smashing. Nevertheless they are a held item. However, in their dex entry, the fossils are not updated in the held item area. Like so: The suggestion is to add the fossils to the held item area.
  6. Around 2.4k leppas in and 2 shiny charms used I have finally achieved my goal!
  7. EricRasp

    Quick Wishlist

    Every city you can fly to in Unova has a blue tint. Like the image below: I've been playing this game for a couple months but it was only a couple weeks ago that I learnt that you can fly to Abundant Shrine. Now, I would have known that I can fly to Abundant Shrine if it was also in a blue tint like the other cities and that is my suggestion. Make Abundant Shrine have a blue tint to indicate that it is flyable instead of finding it out after days maybe weeks.
  8. Can you evo the tyrogue into any of its evos or must it be specific?
  9. EricRasp

    Quick Wishlist

    You know, sometimes I dumb out and I'm glad that there are people to correct me. Ignore my ignorance Lord Kyu and thank you Hannah.
  10. EricRasp

    Quick Wishlist

    Add the levelling rate info in the dex screen of every mon. In a game of grinding, this info is quite helpful. And if you hover over the levelling rate, it'll show you how much exp is required to reach lvl 100. Like if you hover over Erratic you will see: 600,000.
  11. Umm.. If I understood you correctly, then that is exactly what I am suggesting as well, except I'm asking it to be integrated into the mail system in order to send whole boxes.
  12. Remember it like this. Things like moves and abilities are all gen8 AS LONG AS THEY EXIST IN GEN 5. If they don't exist in gen5 then it will not be in the game.
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