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  1. EricRasp

    Fairy types

    Fairies are needed. Dragon are literally being nerfed to the ground to make competitive viable. That is not the sign of a healthy competitive scene. Adding fairies will only help the competitive scene. If the argument against this suggestion is that it will create a mess then it is not a strong one. We need to stop reacting strongly to change. Change is good. Sometimes its bad, but we are humans, we figure things out better the next time and eventually fix the mess we got ourselves into.
  2. I think everyone who often farm tenta's would appreciate this suggestion. I know people who go out of their way to farm rapidashes because they don't want to encounter a shiny tenta.
  3. Great suggestion. It'll probably take years to implement but hey, the horde killing suggestion had its time in the sun and I'm sure someday this one will have it's turn too.
  4. Einstein's Pure Battle Power Tournament Invitational (LC) #2 2/28, 11AM ET Invitational is spelt and placed incorrectly. Corrected it for you. GL with the tourney!
  5. Admin? Then time travel. Travel back to when the band got together and weasel your way in. Good luck!
  6. If Johto is taking them this long, then imagine when the next batch of updates will arrive hehe Still, I'm happy that there is some kind of extra content being added. Hopefully, they don't just add Johto. Instead, add some fun content surrounding that region along with it. Plain Johto is boring when we already have access to all its mons rn.
  7. Quite simple. Very helpful.
  8. Please don't give the Chinese ideas.
  9. I can't believe this is the first I'm seeing of this. Amazing work! I'm super impressed by all the design choice, but especially your dedication. I hope to see it completed! Keep at it, please <3
  10. Figures. Why expand when you've gotten used to the status quo? One day someone will clone this game and just do it better. And by then it will be too late. Oh well *chuckle*
  11. EricRasp

    GTL Rework

    MOAR customisation and I'm here for it!
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