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    What's a breeder without an incubator?! 6 slots are not enough! We (I) need more so that we (I) can breed more. We (I) don't mind paying a little extra if we (I) can incubate more eggs and eventually transfer them to our (my) party for hatching once the incubation period has passed.
  2. I watched the whole video without having any interest in lucky eggs or pay day farming and I did it only because of your voice and narration style. So, that's a plus. You have a great voice for narration so I'd suggest building on it. Since you're making tutorial style content (I assume), I would have liked to see more infographics and smoother transitions. It just gives more visual appeal than just the game itself. You want people to stay and watch till the end so more graphics will definitely help. Also, your narration is very monotone. I'd suggest adding intonations when necessary. Not too much that it hits the point of being egregious, but just enough so that the viewer isn't bored out of their mind in the first minute. Good luck! ^^
  3. This ^ Also, Step 2 has been redundant for a while now. You don't have bother catching mons for OT.
  4. Price range already exists.
  5. As the title suggests, allow GTL to have the option to be minimized like the PvP window.
  6. I don't mean to apply that logic to everything. Just in this situation. I wouldn't even call this a minor inconvenience as you have 100s of mons to choose from to be your horde killer. I don't have any vested interest in this anyway. If this suggestion gets implemented, I'd be happy for Raptor. I just don't think this needs to be on the drawing board as it doesn't even qualify as a QOL update imo.
  7. It is not a problem if there are alternate solutions that are easy to adapt. It will become a problem when we can only use Moxie mons for horde battles.
  8. Just don't use a moxie mon then. There are plenty of other mons that are suitable replacements.
  9. An opt-in option would be nice. Especially if you happen to face your friend on the ladder. A little banter between friends is always nice 🙂
  10. Democracy is a beautiful thing, but like every other system — it's flawed. Votes can be rigged and a majority of the player base don't use the forums. What we are seeing a very vocal minority.
  11. Temporary solutions galore. If even showdown — who's meta game is much more balanced due to a good TC lineup — decided to ban kings rock, I don't understand why it doesn't warrant a ban here. I don't play pvp enough over here but even I would be frustrated if I spent a whole game outplaying the opponent and the dude wins because his cloyster flinched me to death.
  12. Absolute madlad… May you be blessed with one shiny per order. Amen.
  13. Thanks for that. Been having a busy week. Haven't had the time to update my bet post constantly. Will do it soon.
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