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  1. 可能是键盘什么的坏了
  2. 不会啊,应该是你电脑出问题了吧
  3. 啊,这,怎么管理不借我啊,把你的6v拉迪亚斯发上来看看呗(滑稽)
  4. 在https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/28-player-reports/这里举报,不谢
  5. 。。这只神兽只有管理员有
  6. 角色名(Username):(edited) 原邮箱(Old Email):(edited) 新邮箱(New Email):(edited) 修改原因(Details):原邮箱已不用,改玩网易,所以想将所有用原邮箱注册的账号都转移到新邮箱,这样能更方便我玩游戏,以免造成原邮箱忘记密码的尴尬,而且电话号码是拿家人的注册的,平时不方便。The original mailbox is no longer used, and I changed to play NetEase, so I want to transfer all accounts registered with the original mailbox to the new mailbox. This will make it easier for me to play the game, and avoid the embarrassment of forgetting the password in the original mailbox, and the phone number is registered with my family. Yes, it is usually inconvenient.
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