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  1. thanks mom
  2. Somewhat same as Xatu, had a comp aerodactyl in 2012 that was near perfect, worth twice it's weight in lucky eggs. Traded for a level 70 persian. When bagon just came out, I had a somewhat decent comp salamence, was offered a shiny sandslash for it (4 eggs at the time), declined, should have taken it.
  3. i dont think you have a say in this
  4. not sure if it's been posted somewhere, haven't been following this stuff, but someone was aut- artistic enough to actually make gen 5 follower sprites.
  6. There was a discord for the old pokemmo offtopic crew. All they posted was anime tiddies and stupid JRPG shit so I left. I'm pretty sure a new discord would devolve into that too after a few weeks.
  7. i hope trump can settle down some of the (artificial) tensions between russia and the west, cause i don't want a war tyvm. It's really the main thing i hope he keeps his word on
  8. assuming gender in 2016
  9. Got a 20 streak in a multi battle, enough battle points to buy a destiny knot instantly. Wasted a bunch of hours of my life on those meowths, they're almost level 70 now