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  1. You did great ma dude, your effort is appreciated. It's Pretty sweett x)
  2. 5 and 10, sending you mail now Demz o/ [This is The Pie dunker lestheawesome]
  3. I thought I'd start a trend randomly, so I placed my Flareon on the side, and random people kept following with their own Eevee evolutions, and boom :D so took a screenshot of it 2 days ago :D Notice my Flareon: In-game name: lestheawesome
  4. Hello x) New player to Pokemmo, but not new to Pokemon. Experienced enough to battle competitively on pokemon showdown. Current Team ranging between lv 1 to 37. Sinnoh Region. Apart from the details, I just want to be part of a team that is not so serious, but easy going. x)
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