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  1. But in another profile in Unova, the starting region for that profile, I had 4 badges, talked to the move maniac and I could relearn a move, I even taught my zorua night daze. Was that a bug or unintended?
  2. Is there a requirement for the move maniac? Becuase in one of my profiles (with 1 badge) He will ask if I want to forget a move or relearn a move, but the options won't appear. It's in Hoenn, if that matters? Is there a badge requirement?
  3. Thanks! It worked! After uninstalling the game, the roms and basically everything besides the mods, I re-installed it and it's updated, working, and it doens't have the green border! Just hope I don't have to do this with every update lol
  4. After the new update, I updated on my phone and everything was fine. But, when I update the game then close the app, I re-enter and It wants to update again. The first image is the game asking for the update, I update and the antivirus window appears asking if I want to allow or deny it (2nd image). I allow it and the 3rd image appears, with a weird green border, which isn't normal. After it finishes updating I can play the game (4th image) and it works normally besides the same weird green border from the updating thing, and the new content is there, like the new move tutors. But if I close the game and try to enter again, It will ask to update again, the green border disappears and everything repeats again. Is it a problem with my computer, the game or what?
  5. Hello! I have a porygon and the items needed to evolve him (up-grade, dubious disc) and I want to trade with someone, but I don't have friends ;-; and I'm to afraid to trade with someone random. I'll trade you porygon twice than I just need you to trade back twice. I'll be on the second floor of the pokémon center in Veilstone city, in Sinnoh. Please text me before hand. As a thanks, I can mail you an item or something like that. I'm SuperIris in game.
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