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  1. Updated the Link. So sorry, its been a long time since I last logged in and I didn't realize the links were borked
  2. Yea, it would look much better if they didn't have that white background behind them and I think it scales them up also because the quality seems to take a hit on android too. At this point i had no plans to add a border as I wanted the clean look Pokemon Home has and I'm currently working on another project, but maybe once i finish my current project ill see about making a separate outlined version as I can certainly see how it would help visibility. Hopefully the devs eventually work on theme support for android which would also help.
  3. ah, i see, that makes sense, so if i ripped the sprites from the game i would still need to resize and adjust the height of the gifs to fit, good to know, thank you for your responce. While i have you here, is there a ID for Jellicent and Frillish F forms like how basculin and the unowns are after the dex?
  4. Hello, Does anyone happen to know if the animated sprites in game are directly ripped from the gen 5 roms or if they are custom sized? Wanting to make a mod with gen 5 animated sprites but didn't know if they were the same as the roms or custom sized. Thank you
  5. Thanks for the response, that's a shame because i wanted to update that sprite
  6. sorry to be a pain, dont suppose you know the ID for Frillish F and Jellicent F?
  7. Presenting: Pokemon Home Icons Mod What is this?: This is a custom made mod (by me) that changes your Pokemon icons to the Pokemon Home icons. How does it work?: Like any mod, just open the client select Mod Management and import the mod Screenies: Download Links: Sprite Source: Please provide me with any feedback. Mod created by SmokieTheDragon. If you wish to donate please mail all donations to SmokieTheDragon in game, thank you. Enjoy!
  8. Thank you, working on a mod myself and had just hit this same hitch
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