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  1. 1M Gasyflour VS PoseidonWrath @PoseidonWrath 1M AkaruKokuyo VS JeanMarcH @atlewiswith middleman @Imperial 1M MendeeZ VS Queest 500k Cali VS WarwitoX 500k lKillua VS Fengrinimirinimirminimirinimirnimirnirnm 500k Lunarck VS Bund 500k PabloAmacas vs Sejuani 200k Juanchoqui VS PoseidonWrath
  2. Qwilfish n' Chips' (0) Vs Roy Rogers Hooligans (0) OU: kiwikidd Vs Waaynee 100k NU: Cristi Vs MadaraSixSix 100k @Wallarro Dubs: GodXebec Vs lKillua 200k @MathewMat The Primal Primeapes (0) Vs Triple City (0) UU: Huargensy Vs QuinnW 200k Dubs: Intimidoar Vs Mislandier 100k Dubs: AkaruKokuyo Vs Fengrinrin 500k-1M (If 500k i accept 2 takes) The Evil Devilbats (0) Vs The Mismagicians (0) OU: Juanchoqui Vs Frags 200k @akaHeroGarou OU: ZacM Vs Enchanteur 200k @akaHeroGarou UU: Zhiko Vs arca 500k NU: Sebat Vs Sejuani 200k Dubs: Gasyflour Vs Larosoa 500k LC: Cali Vs Kiiritox 300k NU: Kriliin Vs Zymogen 300k UU: Umbramol Vs llatios 300k The Eden of Hazard's (0) Vs Mienfoo Fighters (0) OU: Elvessss Vs Fibraxxx 200k OU: CristhianArce Vs Lunarck 200k NU: woxiangsinile Vs Aloned 200k Dubs: RealDevilLegend Vs JeanMarc 200k @BaliAds Dubs: zMauri Vs EYL 200k NU: SweetforU Vs Lachidrago 500k 1 take per each bet.
  3. Good service, fast and efficient, I recommend it c=
  4. I asked for that a long time ago and was ignored
  5. Gigadrain Venusaurs B) Hydropump Blastoises Thunderbolt Pikachus JSKFJAKDK
  6. IGN: Gasyflour (GasaiYunoSan) Timezone: GMT-4 Tiers: DUBS>UU>LC>NU>OU Fluff: A player with highest experience in Doubles, if you pick me I will give my best and constantly help my team with TBuild and 20 boxes of competitive pokemons. Fluff2: Chiisuu.
  7. I have 5 first place, Erupting Flames, Erupting Turtoise, For The Cuties!, Deadly Dragon!, Seasonal UU #3
  8. IGN: ᧁꪖડꪗᠻꪶꪮꪊ𝕣 Motivation: Jaja PSL seasons in which you participated as a player: PSL XIII PSL seasons in which you participated as a manager: No Psdt: Will this system of win points be applied by winning a bo3 to another candidate? If not ignore my post
  9. Team Name: Caballitos de la Destrucción. Registered Players: Gasyflour, Huargensy, MendeeZ.
  10. I think this is the most important competitive tournament in the competitive community, an eighth team with rejected players should not exist, this is the tournament where the best players are going to prove our worth, we do not come to learn to play (Of course we all continue learning more and more, but at least in this event comes with a most knowledge of the game).
  11. Starting to organize PSL would be great, waiting for LCPL to finish will only delay everything, if you start organizing from now it is likely that the event will start at the end of LCPL. Even if you start with the fundraiser, you could raise more money and not be left with the same funds as WC. I think this is the best format: OU UU NU DUBS LC SSOU MP MP (Manager Pick). Manager Selection: Select managers based on the criteria of experience, seniority, achievements and popularity Managers Allowed to play: Yes Auction Format: Classic Format (LCPL) Banned Players: Sofiik Cash Prize Distribution: 70% to the winners, 10% for individual prizes and 20% fro 2th place
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