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  1. Tournament LC for shiny Yamask. Ubication: Battle Frontier (Battle Piramid) Ch1 Date: 07/04/20 Hour: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html?iso=20200704T170000&p1=51&p2=tz_clt&p3=155&p4=tz_gmt&p5=141 Mode: Tournament Tier: LC (Little Cup) Final is best 2 out of 3 Inscriptions: 2 hours before the tournament (Whisper me on game or register here) Host: xSofiikSan Rewards: 1st Place Yamask Shiny + 1M + 500 RP, 2nd Place 500k, 3rd 4th 250k. I will be waiting for you trainers!!!
  2. IGN: xSofiikSan Abomasnow Kingdra Togekiss Blastoise Snorlax Reuniclus
  3. My predicts: Belgium 0-0 Columbia A OU - Jawaax VS BrianAttackPro UU - Imat VS Yaritan NU - Kriliin VS Jamesfaul Doubles - Mkns VS Julian LC - Stelian VS Camilo SMOU - LLLiolae VS Zeldris Mexico 0-0 Shame Argentina A OU - Rayuwu VS Azzazz UU - Kokenocastro VS Souu NU - MexiDani VS Chopyta Doubles - Momolapepa VS GasaiYunoSan LC - Baneadito VS Wiriketchup SMOU - CaniNeko VS BranYT (?
  4. Azzazz vs Brianattackpro just now 2/2
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