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  1. I would like the implementation of a system that shows what remains of the screens or climates. I do not think its too much to ask. :)
  2. #GasaiSan8213 We will do great business
  3. IGN: GasaiYunoSan Co-Manager: Sebat Series: Both Timezone: GMT -5
  4. And I think lowering Gligar to NU would be good to balance the level a bit, this would also force Machamp Guts to bring Ice Punch and run out of Thunder Punch for Slowking or others. It will also be useful against the Dark Mons of NU.
  5. Machamp Bulk Up, substitute, Stone Edge, Dynamic Punch. And no, I can't be wrong when I was the one who used machamp the most with that Set in her previous stay at NU
  6. Spiritomb would be forced to use Psychic only for machamp (Or other fighting Mon), but if a Calm Mind or Foul Play Set, rest, wow and Sucker Punch or Sleep Talk Spiritomb not have opportunity vs Machamp
  7. Equipo de ensueño: KiiritoX, GasaiYunoSan, MendeeZ Posted in lab.
  8. I want 1 evs trainer, whisp me on game IGN: GasaiYunoSan
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