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  1. Team Name: Caballitos del Infierno Players: GasaiYunoSan, Souu, KokujoOTatsumaki
  2. IGN: GasaiYunoSan Country: Argentina Tiers: OU/UU/NU/DUBS/LC Personal Note: Shame Shame Shame Discord: Gasyfløur#8213
  3. OU/OU/UU/NU/Dubs/LC/Manager Choice/Manager Choice This is my suggestion
  4. https://pokepast.es/9b8872124575d201 My team is based on putting pressure on the opponent with pokemons with great offensive potential, with walls that can give them the moment to hit or kill, Poliwrath is like a brake for Azumarill BD and hit hard with CC, it is the fighting pokemon I was looking for , Typhlosion Specs to hit HO teams hard, Yanmega is a good wallbreaker, with wearing down Porygon or Lanturn it can sweep whole teams, Gligar / Forrethres / Porygon are solid walls, also 2 of them are capable of giving time for the 3 Sweepers what do I bring
  5. I thought that with creativity he meant the costumes ... I mean ... I think that the creativity of my screenshot is based on the costumes, the game does not have costumes for my characters and yet I did my best in that aspect, so much so that my screenshot looks a lot like the original scene
  6. Yuno being... well Yuno Anime Mirai Nikki Gasai Yuno + Amano Yukiteru IGN: GasaiYunoSan
  7. Team Name: Saints of Athena Members: urquidi, ruxty GasaiYunoSan, xLuneth, xWhinkz uwu
  8. Me vs Epic Verde after MM vs DH
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