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  1. 500k on me vs EEDays 500k Orange Maniac vs YJos
  2. 500k on meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  3. 1M China win the final 100k Cogeid 500k Queest 100k ZiraelCiri 100k jjjhh
  4. Africa [0] vs [0] Venezuela Arepera OU1: Lunarck vs ZacM OU2: Jaawax vs Gabuchox 100k UU1: PoseidonWrath vs EpicVerde UU2: Havsha vs Wallarro 300k NU1: Tawla vs tMoi NU2: Kanicula vs Mansterix DB: Azphiel vs GabrielAZ 200k LC: TheDH vs Clayclover 300k ───────── China [0] vs [0] Chile OU1: ZireaelCiri vs Starkles OU2: Heichicoda vs DylanWoodz UU1: loveyun vs SnowOT UU2:sgerard vs Sebat 100k NU1: woxiangsinile vs Cjmystogan NU2: Cogeid vs MendeeZ 100k DB: Mislandier vs Redav 100k LC: Queest vs WarwitoX
  5. IGN: Gasyflour Preferred Tiers: I can play all Dubs>OU>SS>UU>NU Competitive Accolades: Multiple victories in singles tournaments I won all unofficial tournaments of DUBS LC (i think) https://challonge.com/es/71tzq423 https://challonge.com/es/92dn9r1l https://challonge.com/es/80paa4fa Discord Contact: Gasyfløur#0002 Fluff: I have 2 boxes of LC, with OU UU NU and DUBS LC, have teams in all tiers and can help with teambuilding too, have experience in DUBS LC and so far I haven't lost a Dubs LC tournament game on PokeMMO Fluff 2: I just want play DUBS LC Preferred Potential Managers: Cali ❤️
  6. IGN: Gasyflour Accolades: Idk, i won singles tournaments(? Fluff: I play all LC Tiers jsjs, I will guide my players well Fluff 2: Camilo comechimbo
  7. https://pokepast.es/99a696695448db94 Never is late :c A team of immediate damage, set tailwind and spam powerful attacks B)
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