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  1. Since no one wants to host the PSL Teams II ill try to host it, if the community is agree with it. If the majority agrees with Ill host the PSL teams, Illl start the organization of the event this week. Ill also be totally unbiased at the event, whether its with my friends or with other people. Feel free to ask me any questions!!!
  2. To calculate the true damage of acrobatics + gem you must remove Technician in the calculation. And you must do it at level 50.
  3. IGN: Gasyflour Preferred Tiers: Doubles LC>LC>SSLC>UULC>NULC, can play all. Competitive accolades: YES YES YES. Discord contact: Gasyfløur#2561 Fluff: uwu buy my only fans. Preferred/Least Preferred Potential Manager: MendeeZ-kun
  4. 🌷𝒢𝒶𝓈𝓎𝒻𝓁𝑜𝓊𝓇🌷 🌸𝒜𝓃 𝑒𝓁𝑒𝑔𝒶𝓃𝓉 𝑜𝓊𝓉𝒻𝒾𝓉🌸
  5. Oh no... Sand veil Dugtrio... Help me pls 😭
  6. It is better than not banning arena trap because Trapinch would be affected 😔
  7. I was waiting for this post. What is Dugtrio's problem? The pokemon individually is not a big problem, however, when you find a duo good enough for dugtrio to break almost an entire meta then that's when Dugtrio becomes a big problem, the current problem is Dugtrio + PZ OR Yanmega, even if they ban PZ, Yanmega + Dugtrio would still be a problem. When PorygonZ went down, the players who now ask for the ban of PorygonZ or Dugtrio did not have problems because of PorygonZ, why? because the meta was able to adapt, and as a consequence we saw the rise of Gigalith to UU, everything seemed to be going well, yes, Dugtrio was in the level, but he did not have 100 base atk, but the great council of the level decided to return the 20 points of atk base on Dugtrio, as a consequence of that buff there was enough damage for PorygonZ to sweep against teams that had Gigalith-Empoleon as their main brake, now to win tournaments you just need to use PorygonZ-Dugtrio and boom, you won a tournament, OMG what good player. Even if Dugtrio's buff is removed, he will continue to break the meta along with PorygonZ, because people already realized that this duo can kill almost everything, it will not be the solution, simply banning him from UU is the only thing that can be done , but why not ban it from OU? Because it doesn't have a duo with which to destroy the meta or be a great threat, Dugtrio + Togekiss? There's too much rotom for Togekiss to be a huge threat, even if it's not rotom, Weavile destroys both pokemon, and so there are even more brakes that can't be solved with Dugtrio, Dugtrio just won't be a real threat until he meets a duo/strategy strong enough to be a cancer in OU. Yes, Arena Trap's ability is a cancer in all meta and tiers of all pokemon, but in PokeMMO OU for now it doesn't seem to deserve a ban, it used to be a cancer when used to destroy Chansey/Blissey with Screech and Wobbuffett for the Rain to destroy everything, but currently thanks to Teleport this strategy can no longer be carried out. #BanDugtrioFromUU
  8. I don't think Dugtrio should be banned from UU because it doesn't give me any problems The Player
  9. Is it so difficult to do good analysis on the metagame? How can TC allow PZ and Dugtrio in Under Used and BAN PORYGON2??? Well, Porygon2 can take super effective attacks, has very good volume, and with the Download ability it can hit offensive teams very easily, but if PZ and Dugtrio don't deserve a ban from UU, I don't understand why P2 deserves it, of course, let more useless people win tournaments just because PZ + Dugtrio's offense can kill almost everything UU. At least ban one of the 2, dammit. I don't think need to explain all the disasters that Dugtrio + PZ make since by now you should know very well, well, if the TC allowed conkel for so long, I think I shouldn't wait too long of TC in this case. Pd: At least know the difference between a Defensive Uber and a poke that balances the metagame very well against pokes that are broken.
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