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  1. When others don't play games, will giving me something ban my account
  2. How to calculate the probability of shining in the game,If you brush it many times, will it be encountered by others
  3. 如果给直播刷礼物他送的精灵,会不会被封号呀
  4. 今天五一参加了一个主播的活动,中了一套班吉拉和200rp,会不会被封号呀,求管理回复下,心里有点慌
  5. 谢谢呀,我已经按照你的放法改了,把里面的不是闪光的gif删掉并压缩了,而且可以用了
  6. 可不可以做个把闪光分出来的mod,就是只有闪光高清有灯泡呀,大佬
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