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  1. I mean it's a smart strategy. Him and Frieza sit around and hide until the end, then 2 remain for them vs 1 for U11. U7 wins.
  2. Let me guess, no episode this week due to some shit holiday nobody has ever heard of.
  3. No, it's Ultra Instinct, the level of your body responding on its own that Whis mentioned early in the series.
  4. Anyone else here get FighterZ btw? https://twitter.com/KenXyro/status/960513360331792386
  5. Ok that might be the GOAT Vegeta moment.
  6. what the fuck how are you still alive

    1. Plague


      I survive entirely on Dragon Ball shitposting.

  7. I do love the old "They're so fucking uncoordinated it's actually throwing their opponent off" thing Goku and Vegeta have going for them.
  8. Plague


    The longer it's been since I saw it, the more mad I've gotten.
  9. Can U3 fuck off so we can get on with the show already? We get it we're either going to lose Gohan or the Androids.
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