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  1. It does not affect in anything. There's no difference between a *OT and a clean OT pokémon
  2. I think is against rules if you run the game directly. But if you only run a tool, would be a fault too?
  3. Hello, thanks for this amazing tool. Is there a way to use it on a 32bits system without installing a VM? Thanks again...
  4. Finish all the story of Unova and then start breeding... You don't need to finish all the four regions...
  5. If you trade an Abra you don't get an Alakazam If the valid entry is a linked Pokémon, it will not evolve. How's gonna be valid an evolution?
  6. I really don't care what you think or say about anything kid. The reality is SOMETHING IS WORKING FINE, AND THE OTHER DAY IS NOT. That only have an unique explanation, bad development. So, keep your mouth closed and go disturb someone else...
  7. Look kid, I'm going to be as kind as possible. And not because I'm afraid of being banned, but I could go to jail if I say loudly what you deserve 1. Free of BUGS? I'm gonna pass this one because it must be a joke 2. I don't care if XBOX, Gamecube, NES or Atari Controllers work fine, I'm bringing something that was working well and then started to fail... 3. Inability to problem solving? I DON'T NEED TO BRING MY HABILITY TO THAT IN THIS CASE IF IT WAS WORKING WELL JUST BEFORE THE UPDATE. If something is working fine and then the game updates and crashes, IT IS A BUG. Something went wrong. So, stop disturbing my peace. I'm trying to solve a problem with the staff help, because I don't know if third party software use will be considered a hacking tool. And I don't want a ban for that. I made a huge effort to be this polite. Don't interrupt my peace again
  8. Thanks for the tip. I'm going to check with a Xbox controller and see what happens...
  9. That's what you think. Not even close to the reality... Many players have issues with their joypads. But is a client's problem. Bad development...
  10. It's not "My PS3 controller" ... It's "everyone's controller"
  11. Play Station 3 controller does not work correctly with the game just after the 22/09/2021 update... I've been contacting support. No answers at all.
  12. I'm speaking for people who want a 100% functional game. Does not matter if this is your case or not... Key mapping, for example...
  13. That's right... We only want a 100% functional game, with no bugs... If you want, don't start the event, just take your time to fix all that isn't working...
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