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  1. senzui

    About PVP

    Google translate you did it again
  2. Novice trainer for 450 elo or lower and I think Ace trainer goes from 550, at least I got it as soon as I got that elo
  3. simply get good and stop relying on scouting and countering
  4. I don't get this 'get good' nosense. That mechanic is just forcing players that weren't part of the PvP community to join it just to get a nice vanity. Sure, PvE may have some exclusive rewards as the one given on the last halloween event (I don't remember its name atm) and the jumpeon stone, however it would be really dumb to compare the effort and dedication that each one requires. I'm not complaining about the update, it has a lot of useful mechanics and the community needed those incentives (OU being the only tier getting attention was really unhealthy). However, it's understandble if a player that was never into that stuff gets annoyed about it.
  5. Garchomp with DD and 120 Outrage confirmed?
  6. Hopefully never.
  7. There's no feature like that but I guess you could make a Suggestion on the Suggestion section
  8. Will Technical Records also be implemented?
  9. So, the update is (maybe) close to be released Are we getting Doubles MM?
  10. Thanks for improving the PvP area. I hope Doubles become a thing now since I think they're far more desired than UU and NU. My questions are: As it has been mentioned that Gengar will lose Levitate, how will that be implemented? will the current Gengars in the game have their ability changed or will we have to breed new ones? In the case of Garchomp. Will he get Rough Skin? If so, will it follow the same mechanic as mentioned for Gengar?
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