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  1. Don't nerf Conk if Hydreigon will remain the same monster it is please
  2. As they previously stated just hatch eggs until you get a shiny one. About the gender, don't worry about it since you can breed it with a shiny ditto to make it female (this is way less expensive than always choosing female while breeding). Another tip is to use donator status and shiny charms while breeding (although constantly buying the last one could be quite expensive).
  3. More time + rank = more points. From my experience 10min+ game will give you 30 points. You won't get points if your opp loses to early. Also 1 hour game = 90 points. I recommend just spamming a rain or stall team if your goal is just to get the vanities. Forfeit if you get matched with another staller or you've lost your win con early so you don't waste time.
  4. Shedinja false swipe + gengar hypnosis
  5. Random of them. But all will be plain no very
  6. It had to finish today to have that Jan-Mar Apr-Jun Jul-Sep Oct-Dec cycle. Although they indeed should've announced it with anticipation.
  7. Yo I also easily countered Garchomp with my Mandibuzz and Umbreon please remove from Ubers
  8. That is discussed in Competition Alley, Movement Dicussion Thread to be more specific
  9. Garchomp getting banned had been discussed since April, check the Competition Alley section
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