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  1. I would like to request the creation of either an ingame menu or website creation that details your personal winrate with every mon you ever used in a competitive format. This would enable people to build even better teams that fit personal playstyle linked to winrates. Probably the easiest way to do this is to create a tab in the pokemon detail screen which lists winpercentage/number of competitive matches synced with a searchbox in your personal pc.
  2. It's my favorite map and story so yes i want this to.
  3. netsky4life

    Quick Wishlist

    The addition of pokemon types in the pokedex,just as you can filter on region add a filter based on type.
  4. can this list be updated with the sinnoh pokemon?
  5. how do you know the amount of encounters? Anywhere you can check?
  6. That's the thing i don't use spore on the geodudes (there lvl is to low). Every time i do a vs seeker run (almost daily) i rocksmash all rocks on isl 1 a bunch of times (can heal and reset rocks in cave) you get low lvl geodudes most of the time: 1 false swipe + pokeball = Almost guaranteed catch, i dont have to use spore on them its a wasted turn.
  7. Well i am one of those guys who does that, i breed for exemple 10 comps in a row and try to continue breeding till i have 5 pokemon who need hp ev for exemple, its more time efficient in the long run. Whit that in mind i only see the smeargle option: surf (for exemple when tentacruel training) + fly + sweet scent for obvious reasons. Believe its the only pokemon who can learn all of those 3 moves. About the quagsire thing: i don't use it either because of the 5 lvl difference, instead i poach them whit smeargle, keeping the loot + 31's and selling the crap. Saves a pokemon who is forced to not lvl anyway!
  8. Hi all, As a person who likes to farm money and use it to breed comps i reached a point where i have 4 boxes full of 31's to breed in various egg groups and stats. I am sure many of my fellow breeders have a similar amount of pokemon stashed for egggroup breeding, making bridges etc... Now i try to put in a certain system into the boxes to be able to find the pokemon i need for a breed quicker but the double egggroups don't make it easier. Thats why i would like to suggest to implent a search/sorting system for the pc boxes similar to gtl. Functions i would like to see: - Sort all boxes - Sort current box * Filters: egggroup types/stats/sex/filter on amount of 31 iv (0-6) ==> This to make the time spent in a pc quicker. Also suppose your working on a flying type project and you decide to zubat farm for the egggroup stats: you get for exemple 30 zubat's. Wouldn't it be easier if you could sort all those bats instantly by stat so you could sell/release the garbage more faster....
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