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  1. Is anyone using an encounter counter that works with pokemmo for shiny hunting?
  2. Is it possible to rerun the xmas event in unova mine we had in 2018? I stil have earned rewards from that and it was a very fun pokemmo event. I mean we did a rerun of the halloween event and last year we didn't have a xmas event but a chinese new year one. I wonder if we can get a xmas event again this year? Thank you.
  3. Team Name: Bushido Team Tag: BSDO Registered Players: Spxter,Imtrhngia, NgyuyenDuy, OxOReFakeD,TohnR, ZzZerra, WhiteRoar, Kanselier, Donute,mistigris, DeGarzo, MrPulsar, Maskerada, YeetusKun Team Captain: Spxter
  4. That's exactly why. I honestly think the top prize should be x5 pokemon (non gifted=> tradeable) and or rp stuff like that, basically an incentive to play ranked
  5. I know we have a 2 weekly ladder reward in ranking with various pvp items. But I would like to suggest to add very good end of season ranking rewards, because it's kind of a bummer if you end up ranking high in the elo system and not get anything out of it. Risk/Reward or TIme invested/Reward kind of thinking.
  6. I would like to request the creation of either an ingame menu or website creation that details your personal winrate with every mon you ever used in a competitive format. This would enable people to build even better teams that fit personal playstyle linked to winrates. Probably the easiest way to do this is to create a tab in the pokemon detail screen which lists winpercentage/number of competitive matches synced with a searchbox in your personal pc.
  7. It's my favorite map and story so yes i want this to.
  8. The addition of pokemon types in the pokedex,just as you can filter on region add a filter based on type.
  9. can this list be updated with the sinnoh pokemon?
  10. Lowset score huh i like this! Just keep the 31's and the horrible ones after which i sell the horrible ones as op pokemon
  11. how do you know the amount of encounters? Anywhere you can check?
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