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  1. EMOTES! I want to be able to express myself more in game. Examples: • Happy • Sad • In love • Sleepy • Angry • Surprised • Confused GREETINGS! • Wave • Hands up • Lay down to sleep • Jump (while standing in the same spot) • Stretch SPECIAL HALLOWEEN 2020 EMOTES! • Scream • Scare • Slash (with knife in hand. Look for my suggestion in the vanity thread.) • Play dead • Zombie pose These are just some ideas. This would bring some life to the overworld. Imagine meeting a friend in Celadon City. Instead of just whispering the good old "o/". Now you can do a sad emote and play dead so you don’t have to talk to him. With all jokes aside, this could be a good idea. Most of us are able to express ourselves in real life, so why shouldn’t we be able to do so in pokemmo?
  2. I have a bunch of ideas i want to share with the community. I have some suggestions to the 2020 halloween event and just some random vanity ideas for the vanity shop all year round. I want to see vanities that can be obtained from doing something in game too, like completing the story, winning 10 pvp battles or 100 battles in battle frontier. Here are some of the «all year round» ideas: • White team rocket uniform • Jetpack • Astronaut outfit(this is not my idea. I saw this earlier in this thread by someone else, but i just love the idea) • Sword/axe/hammer/bow and arrow/spear to have as a back vanity • Rose tinted glasses • Joker’s mask from Persona(it’s really cool, but not original at all though, lol) • Snag machine • Relic crown(hat) • Steampunk Armor • Parka(winter outfit) • Balaclava (colorable) • Bandana (colorable) • Bun (hairstyle) • Watch (hands) • Skateboard (back) • Quad (bike) • Gold Bowtie \ Tie (for battle frontier after completing 50 or 100 battles in a row) I’m still making a bigger list. I have plenty of ideas! Halloween 2020 ideas: • Green/Red/Blue/Black/Purple Flaming Theater Masque • Black Reaper robe(with both cape and hood) • Skeleton bandana • Vampire teeth • Medusa hair • Knife in hand(if possible ofc) • Bloody tears • Flaming wings • Ghost mask(white, round mask with black eyes) • Magic Wand I’m planning on making all these for the player model. If anyone wanna help with that, then please dm me.
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