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  1. imagine not being able to shittalk your opponent 😞
  2. i know mmo does everything slow but why people need more then 1 month to look if lucario is broken or not XD?
  3. my suggestion is to ask helpers from other countries then china so they communicate faster and helps with referee. since Timezone difference some people want to play their matches midnight (China time) then there is no referee is avaible.
  4. just make a showdown server
  5. i am top 100 every season and i think this would make the players motivate to play ladder. also nice dodging the other suggestion from your ussles braindead discussion threads since its pretty much talking to a wall thread (maybe a good name)
  6. 1 example why this system rn is complete ussles. Havsha providing some calcs make some arguments but no tc reacts (besides jj with a troll post). What's the point of these threads most of the time these threads just end with derailling and no discussions. @Munya
  7. i can make this thread a wall of text or just few sentence it get ignored anyways. my suggestion is to make tc votes public so we can see what they vote and who we need convice rn the discussion threads are complete ussles. your talking to a wall the only tc that react is jj sometimes pachi but thats only 2members the others dont exist ?????. if votes dont become public my suggestion to remove discussion threads since they ussles and you save the time from some players. also with suspect test let atleast the community vote what is a test when the testers dont even play this game lmfao. @Munya
  8. maybe use lanturn instead of eelektross (agilty set for offensive power or scald volt calm set
  9. just use carefull scarf lucario noobs
  10. modest Porygon2 any grass type toxicroak hazards
  11. @Munyacan you confirm lucario dropping with the current usage? iirc i saw you saying it will drop next time when it gets uu usage
  12. Team Tag: NORE Team Name: NoRematch Registered Players: TTVZeknShooter BlueBreath DrTylerGrey EYL iMat kiwikidd lachidrago MendeeZ NikhilR ORBFLUX Pablobacas QuinnW tMoi UmbraMol xSparkie Zymogen Axoa Lejovi Latiosrol Gabuchox Team Captain: iMat
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