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  1. if you compare it to moves like double team or sand veil this can't be outplayed defog can. i mean its just my pov i understand if people disagree
  2. i think evasion boost on defog is fine it reward players for switching in on defog
  3. oml my guy show infernape calcs a true ledgend
  4. that's because you can't play offense with pz in the tier
  5. will you guys look at pz again if empoleon leave the tier ?
  6. So, because i have been longer than some other players, can i get a promotion?
  7. they are revealed before the match start where you can select 4 mons out of 6.
  8. 1m atleast after sunday if i don't know you i want @Incogniton as a middelman
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