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  1. @Munyacan you confirm lucario dropping with the current usage? iirc i saw you saying it will drop next time when it gets uu usage
  2. Team Tag: NORE Team Name: NoRematch Registered Players: TTVZeknShooter BlueBreath DrTylerGrey EYL iMat kiwikidd lachidrago MendeeZ NikhilR ORBFLUX Pablobacas QuinnW tMoi UmbraMol xSparkie Zymogen Axoa Lejovi Latiosrol Gabuchox Team Captain: iMat
  3. i play random battles for fast and fun gameplay but when i play mmo its slow paced and i can only play 1 game at the time unlike showdown where i can start multiple games i don't see the reason why you guys put so much effort in somthing that died in few months the whole community wante h.a or jotho not randbats
  4. hi i like to apply for randbats tc
  5. Razor Fang, Quick Claw, Focus Band, and King's Rock will now broadcast their presence when swapping in hehe they finally fixed kingsrock ty @Munya
  6. Team name: Dynamic Duo Player OU: Gabuchox Player NU: QuinnW
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