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  1. me and tohnr in 30 UU monotype UU 1v1 and normal UU bo3 XD
  2. you can be lucky but winning many duels in a row can't be luck
  3. nah fuck yeyo i only bet on the goat mlhawk sry
  4. why are we complaining about ussles stuff like you can't find friends for events this game legit got a public discord and global chat your really dumb if you can't find friend to play with.
  5. Team Name: NoRematch Team Tag: NORE RegisteredPlayers: Pablobacas, MendeeZ, EYL, Gabuchox, iJulianFNT, QuinnW, Umbramol, kiwikidd , Nikhilr, Aloned, tMoi, Lotus, LeButler, Lachidrago, Zymogen, iMat , Lejovi, LifeStyle, xSparkie, DocPBC, Rendi Team Captain: QuinnW
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