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  1. its pokemon a decent player that know how the game work can win agaisnt the better player (i dont mean rng can save you with this)
  2. 55% like showdown so why not addingg it ?
  3. first of all i dont know what you understand as new player so my view of a new player is that joined end2019/2020 so my arguments on based on that view 1 a new player can play showdown. (if a old player wanna play its up to him since he check the forums etc he is not that dead. they still like the game in a way) 2 i think most of the people pick know players that are active for example you umbra i think the chance someone pick me instead of you is 1%. so new player giving a chance is nice but a small percentage of that players gonna actually play. 3 what Gunthug said : To call PSL "an MMO event" is absolutely absurd and not true. PSL is a straight, unabashed rip-off of a Smogon event, which uses exclusively showdown tiers for its games ( i never played psl but adding a tier thats not mmo is not that bad since i tottaly agree with Gunthug ) 4 i agree with the effort a old player and a new player put in this event so as coach it up to him if he want a good player that put less efort in a match or a new player that gonna give everything to win. 5 my english is bad xD
  4. thats probally true but the fact in our group were 2dubs players that dont main the tier so far as i know
  5. world cup was my first mmo event so cant talk about past psl but in world cup most of the showdown matches were more intense then most dubs matches. it seems that there is small core group of good dubs players.
  6. great breeding service fast and friendly :) 10/10
  7. https://gyazo.com/803117a7846d067be93ef27fcdfd626b https://gyazo.com/a881300eabc6e1d080730d04a1c2e46a hi i have a question is whole growth time of the leppa beryy 16 hours or 20 hours ?
  8. metronome battle winner go to the qaurter finals
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