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  1. Time to bump, let's see this update for 2022 😛
  2. Me posting this review was slower than Hannah breeding up 3 pokemon, will always recommend as always.
  3. hosted event for 2.5hrs for 20+ people I'd call that a success, hope you all enjoyed Clefa Tales ❤️ WINNERS 1st-xXFongusXx 2nd-Yjos 3rd-Cogeid 4th-Drakkmord
  4. Just show up at the place, and I'll start registering people onto the bracket. Because there is a bunch of people, I don't know who will show so it's just better to do it this way and take 10 minutes writing people's names down.
  5. Staff! This man is scamming us! ez ban, thanks for pointing that mistake out ^^'
  6. @EssDeeCee @Kole @Takaimei @Revz @Sethsen @hannahtaylor @kuplion @Poufilou @ZaCCCCCC @SerpentLord @Purpleturkleton @HumongousNoodle @noomuch @[email protected] boop :3
  7. Clefairy Tales Narrative The back story- Unfortunately after a long time trapped in Oldens PC, they have some grudges they need to battle out. Cinderella is tired of cleaning up all the messes caused by the influx of bugs and dittos in their home. Snow White is flustered by the other princesses saying that there are no such things as dwarfs. Rapunzel is mad at the girls for telling her she don't have any locks of hair (or any hair at all). Belle is embarrassed by her fan fic about a piloswine being found. Come help them and solve this through battle! The thing your here for is cash (and a fun time) , and our pocket books comes to deliver-> 1st - 1m 2nd - 750k 3rd - 500k 4th - 250k Information JULY 24th 7PM GMT-7 https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html If you lose, you're not out of the game, this is a two outs system, please don't leave until the tournament is over ❤️ This is a tournament using perfectly even Clefairy with Metronome move only. The Clefairies will be provided before each match by staff, please don't bring your own. We will use Challonge to determine who battles who, in a double elimination mode. All clefairy battles will be 1v1 and at lv.5, if anyone notices a error before the next round starts, that round will restart. If not, that round will continue people will need to sign up in-game or on the forums at least 1 hour before event starts. Final round will Everyone will meet in Vermillion Ch2 ❤️ Tournament Logs challonge.com/clefa challonge.com/clefa challonge.com/clefa Protagonists: Snow White Cinderella Rapunzel Belle Aurora (sipping on lemonade on the beach)
  8. I already have about 3m of my personal goods, gonna turn this into 2-3 events I can also do non cash prizes, that will help out a fair bit
  9. o/ I'll be holding the event this weekend, more info soon tm
  10. Soon TM In all honesty, I wish they will come out before Johto. As a 4 year old post says, wide as a ocean but deep as a puddle. wish we had something besides vanity MMO
  11. fool! it came out 5 minutes ago! /s
  12. With the prices and doing a very conservative evaluation of shinny prices and donations, I'm looking at 36m if I sell everything that I listed.
  13. I plan on trying to liquidate a bunch of assets to do a bunch of events. Thank you so much Bankruptcy ❤️
  14. @EssDeeCee @Kole If you wanted to help with funding hit me up ❤️
  15. o/ cuties! After a couple months and a bunch of people asking, I'm going to open up another Clefa Tales ❤️ I have done the "smart" and reinvested my cash into holds. So I only have about 1m liquid. I will be accepting donations, Please send them to my ign mail- Oldenman I will also be selling some vanity/goodiebags to put it ALL towards the pot. I will be updating the list of donations as I go. the pool will go between 2-5m because these events take a fair bit of time to do. 1-3hrs for 12-20 people. (double elimination is more fun for people)
  16. I caught over 200 larvestas in the castle, only ever got 1 relic gold haha
  17. Oldenman

    I need help

    The reason for that is because there is no files in the roms to replace them with. Kind of why Daisy still looks like a gen 2 game. You'll have to have your mod replace it from others besides the black and white file. It bothers me too, if your mod isn't too big, I'll give it a download, ty mate ❤️
  18. Why do people try to stick with version 7 now days? I would understand it like 5 years ago, but not now, support stopped Jan of last year. I'm not here to harass your choice, I just genuinely wonder why.
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