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  1. o/ peeps! Turns out I invested a wee bit to much of my time farming/buying shards and items. I'm trying to sell as much of my remaining stock. If you are looking to buy, may it be a bulk one <3 (don't like running around...). Because the market is always shifting, I'll be taking offers for items based on it. Without much more background, here's my stock stranger! IGN: OldenMan Discord: Oldenman#5911 SHARDS: blue-172 green-172 red-71 yellow-0 MUSHROOMS: tiny-506 big-18 HOLD ITEMS: silk scarf-6 floating stone-3 shed shell-21 lagging tail-45 spell tag-75 black belt-181 ECT: leppa-6,930 rare candy-9 battle points- 60,000
  2. R.I.P. Taka's shiny chansey ;-;
  3. this is the event where @Teddi died inside
  4. hello beautiful people! I am on my way to make a LC shiny team! I was hoping that one of you know the Chinchou Swarm location. I'm trying to make it a rain team because I got a shiny mantyke with great iv's/nature for a swift swim set up. I would also like to have any team idea's based around a rain team! Thank you all for your time!
  5. If the thing you are worrying about is the LV cap, the game won't let you go over. It will store exp until your next gym battle
  6. One MAJOR thing to mention, baby pokemon ie munchlax, mime jr, are always 1/30,000. shiny parents don't mater for this. someone correct me if I'm wrong
  7. This man is gonna cry when they learn more about shinnies...
  8. destiny knot is kinda in pokeMMO breeding, 3 total iv stats are directly transferred to the child from BOTH parents. A band just secures that one of the IV of a parent and takes up a slot. This is only true in non shiny breeding.
  9. ngl, that scared me a lil. Thought they updated the chances with out me noticing lol.
  10. so, I recently caught a shiny duskull. I tried getting the ribbons and I went the the pokemon fanclub to get the blue scarf and nothing is happening, and yes I did max out the duskull's beauty stat. Is it bugged? Can I also ask what would be a good moveset for the beauty contest?
  11. if you go back into the pc area just outside of the E4, there should be a grunt there that will bring you back to the castle
  12. CaptnBlaklava, ditto's are a bit less valued after hitmonlee fell out of fashion, they are still usefull for metagross. If It has a good nature like adament, it could go for...400k-450k, but only if you find a buyer that would be ok with buying 30 ivs. if the nature is trash, sorry It will lower it by about 100k-200k. Take in mind this is estimated with genderless in mind, not male breeding. good luck selling it. I don't recomend trying to sell it on the gtl, try selling it in person who is trying to get a comp metagross. the gtl is very misleading on true prices. Edit: hitmonlee
  13. hello people! I was looking at the market and was wondering what my ninetales would be worth, for now, I don't plan on selling it in the near future. But it's a good Idea to get the value of these kind of things. It's Mild btw(+sp-attack,-def)
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