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  1. So, A lot of people don't know how to cook for them selfs. Would people be interested in doing cooking classes one on one? I mainly want an excuse to cook with people <3 I can about do anything when it comes to good food, I can also do baking. Would people actually do this?
  2. After 1742 hours, and a bit of a year, I think I'm a little late to introduce myself ^^' My name is Gabriel, my IGN is OldenMan. I have a lot of fun helping the new players, the vast majority of you people are great! I guess I'll talk a little about what I've done in MMO/irl :) In IRL I'm a 19 year old kid pretending to be an adult by becoming a pilot, I love cooking and am a jedi in Beat Saber (beat ghost on expert recently <3). In game, I've hosted about a dozen or two events for global or my team, I was part of ZomB for almost 9 months, then I left because the team at the time was on a break for about 2 months; Revz was kind enough to invite me to Lëm. All the people I've met here all deserves respect for suporting each other in game and IRL. My only regret is not finding this amazing community sooner. I hope to stick around and improve peoples experience. If I wanted one thing, it would be to cheer on Revz one more time for hatching his shiny Rotom (also a leek for a hand vanity o.o). See you all soon when I log in again! Edit: Shout out to Kole for starting my journey!
  3. First person to come to my mind ngl
  4. noticed for a while now that we only have 2 hand vanities, I recently had a "great" Idea for a new one <3 nuf said
  5. Hello people, I was wondering if anyone has ever seen a Mutual Fund ever? I've heard people talk about it but I've never seen one in action. What do you people think about one? I mainly want to see people options on the topic. what would it look like? Who would invest? Who would back it? how would people liquidate their investments? What would people invest in anyway (berries, elfbot, seasonal/limited vanity, rp)? All off these are great questions that I've heard. What are your questions and answers?
  6. oh, are we talking about the legendaries? I personally hate this topic for a different reason. F ing LATIOS! It killed me at lv.55 T-T
  7. hmm, may be thinking of another fry's pfp...
  8. thank you Fry <3 also when did you change your pfp o.o
  9. ah yes the, n************** OT. Truly a worthy pokemon XD
  10. XD perfect plan though the prices for the pokemon that work well will jump through the roof lol.
  11. a cherim set up? that could be interesting. only things I need to breed because I have the rest is a Darmanitan/cherim
  12. o/ people! As you all know, spooky season is here! This year, I want to be prepared. so far, I got a Typhlosion and Torkoal all breeded/leveled. What should my other pokemon be?
  13. D: It's people like you I fear going against in tournaments. Your plans are as calculated as chess.
  14. Not a good job to get into without knowing the risks, berry farming early on can really put your wealth at risk, better get your first mill before getting into something like that.
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