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  1. I'm gonna win this up coming costume contest with my teddy ears, just you wait!
  2. One second mate, I got the perfect crying soy wojak for this XD
  3. Well, economically that isn't a healthy idea mate, this would slow a lot of breeding and buying of new pokemon from every tier. people would have no incentive to get new mons if the rewards were not based on tiers. I do feel you pain btw, turban is one of the best hats in the game to date imo ^^'
  4. I know people should always be double checking tbh, just wish there was like a option to turn on/off where items are delayed from listing for like 5 minutes.
  5. A important lesson is to stick with a color/theme and never evo for the cutiest OT shiny line up
  6. You know how the riot items where avalible last time (poor garchomp). They were availible when the annoncment was made till the change was fixed, (about 2 weeks) Well boys and girls it looks like it'll be done in 183 days and 16 hrs. The Event soon TM may take a little bit longer. /s
  7. True endgame is throwing away Millions to host events
  8. I forget who, someone a while back wrote like a 3 page proof showing that it's always statistically better for you to just throw the ball, no matter the mon.
  9. I've always felt that the ribbon market was underused. It's a huge part of the game from how many different berries it uses and it would act as a great pokeyen sink using the contests and the cash ribbons. I see no downsides to premote this side of the game more. Plus it would make people actualy use the battle towers for once. I only see people use the ribbon system as a final touch to a 5x31 rare shiny.
  10. PVP is ruined, how will I win with my uber skill now? Damn you @Kyu you don't understand what you're doing to us! WE NEEDED MORE FLINCHES IN PVP! /s
  11. Thank you mate, I now know that the saffari is fair and balanced place to hunt shinnies.
  12. Phsss, I got like 4 egg shinnies no cap. No need for proof just pray for a 5th one tonight for me ❤️
  13. First mod to move it to the suggestion tab gets a cookie too, love ya cuties ❤️ (looking at you Sethsen)
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