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  1. Welcome to the game, I hope you enjoy your stay on the story line <3 hope you'll stick around into the postgame and have some fun o7
  2. man, It sucks to be late ^^' IGN:OldenMan I'm in, but you need to check out the people making new accounts to cheat.
  3. we already have that in game. it's a pharaoh vanity.
  4. it's so cute <3 imagine needing to egg for a shiny :^)
  5. you get it by completing the story (weird, I know) you'll get it from Looker when the prolog begins.
  6. I love posts like this never change General <3
  7. you can always have them link it straight away then you can see if any changes are being made
  8. I guess they don't need to be 0×6, just need low stats across the board *even stats
  9. I can help you set up with clefa tales (metronome battle), @Poufilou has more info.
  10. well, it was the first time I messed up badly in my 2k+ hrs the worst mistake I've seen on the gtl was a red reaper hood for 1k
  11. a mistake that's as simple as a click. clown stonks baby before anyone asks, I didn't buy them - < -
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