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  1. Just want to thank you for the support peeps <3 Don't forget to tell me in your mail if you want the special pokemon with my OT!
  2. I will truly be Olden, not just in mind.
  3. now that would be hard to give you that many prizes without spoiling the fun Revz :p and who doesn't like a little mystery eh?
  4. o/ Hello people <3 I am Olden, I want to start going again and egging for my shiny Volcarona soon™ I have my shiny Clamathyst that I've made into a clean up LC sweeper, and the best hand vanity in the game(wish they added a leek as a hand vanity) and 50 premier balls. I don't like the idea of people losing so I want everyone to win something! Interesting fact about premier balls: " According to the official Pokémon Colosseum game guide, it has the same catch rate as a regular Poké Ball(lies), but "it looks cooler" " if you want to look more into the r
  5. just a mear 110k+ run to find my 12th shiny, I'm so happy my curse is over. Remember kiddos, SRIF
  6. Well, if you are ingame right now, tell me your location and channel.
  7. Look at this, he's an optimist! We need more of you people! 3d doesn't fix well with 2d, you would be looking at 7-10 years before that would be a possibility
  8. there are only limited number of phenos that exist at once, 2 in the overworld and 2 in caves. With the amount of spawning points and it taking 15 minutes for the spots to change, It's just not worth it. If you are wanting one for your journey, I will help you out<3 my ign is OldenMan. enjoy this adventure traveler!
  9. If you had 50m right now and you had to invest in all into one thing and wait one year, what would you do? would you diversify? do you even think you would be able to sell them/it?
  10. A problem I see that you are not understanding with this games meta. Smogon movesets are useless here, you have a great pokemon in your team but no established core. most teams have mons to counter this kind of team, garchomp is being slowly fazed out for more useful mons like godly scizor (bless the sd bullet punch) the role you are trying to use for him is better suited for your ferro or a hydriegon. I would recommend watching a few tournaments before looking into what team you want. For giving you team advice, i would first look for making a 2-3 pokemon core, a weather solution/counter like
  11. wow, this is one of the decent suggestions I've seen for a while. Take my upvote <3
  12. Oof, no nosepass sad times, I wanted that meme power.
  13. OldenMan I'll be donating because everyone else is wait, this just turned into a late secret santa thing o.o
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