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  1. Thank Kyu this finally happened, best update so far. In all seriousness, I am so glad they added the contest move info ❤️ , I was so tired going to the wiki for every move.
  2. Some updating may be needed, now we have the "lore" reveled ❤️
  3. Time to bump, let's see this update for 2022 😛
  4. Me posting this review was slower than Hannah breeding up 3 pokemon, will always recommend as always.
  5. hosted event for 2.5hrs for 20+ people I'd call that a success, hope you all enjoyed Clefa Tales ❤️ WINNERS 1st-xXFongusXx 2nd-Yjos 3rd-Cogeid 4th-Drakkmord
  6. Just show up at the place, and I'll start registering people onto the bracket. Because there is a bunch of people, I don't know who will show so it's just better to do it this way and take 10 minutes writing people's names down.
  7. Staff! This man is scamming us! ez ban, thanks for pointing that mistake out ^^'
  8. @EssDeeCee @Kole @Takaimei @Revz @Sethsen @hannahtaylor @kuplion @Poufilou @ZaCCCCCC @SerpentLord @Purpleturkleton @HumongousNoodle @noomuch @[email protected] boop :3
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