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  1. i nicknamed u futon btw

    1. FutureChampion


      Yes and I remember that and everyone calls me that :P

  2. Apricorn Farming when

  3. RIP Teen Years I'm Offical Old Now

  4. Time to start a new life

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    2. FutureChampion
    3. FlareBlitzz


      And In-Game Life ? :(

    4. FutureChampion


      My new life is only updating my profile nothing else has change :P

      It was old and needed more stuff added to it and still thinking of changes

  5. You had an Happy Birthday for almost a year now Vegan :P

  6. Me just notice I join forums since 12-12-12 :O

  7. Do I exist in the PokeMMO world or am I just a ghost to people outside my team

    1. Jalair


      You exist <3

    2. ItzJ0sh8


      Futon is da best :3 Futon aint no Ghost type!

    3. JellowHIHI
  8. I want more topics to read ;_;

  9. Happy Birthday To Me

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    2. InfiniteHeartz


      Happy Birthday Futon <3

      Oh hea Spaintakula, friend of Futon? btw remembah me? ^_^

    3. Spaintakula


      I do, i believe we talked on fb a bit \o/ :P

    4. Diano


      I'm very late but Happy Birthday, haha.

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