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  1. would be nice if the follower poke could be the 'elk/reindeer'
  2. Im completely ok with it being hard af and taunt 50%, if it was at the start of the event. this doesnt even last a full week, let alone most of it is during the week. Pumpking is difficult enough where it requires halloween cookie (if not, what were these cookies made for?). Cookies were near unobtainable for the beginning of this event, bunch of overpriced cookies leftover from last year. Thanks to gtl colors i knew i was getting scammed every time i bought a 180k ghost cookie. can we add a mage staff glove item??? it can just be like a wand pls?
  3. can we add the current year to the new event goodie bags so its easier to search for in gtl? ex. currently I can search for 'Pumpking Goodie Bag (2020)' to limit it to last year but I cannot search 'Pumpking Goodie Bag (2021)' for this year. I can only search 'Pumpking Goodie Bag' to show all years.
  4. if you bought $5k of dogecoin earlier this year you would have $52,124,964. That will only be your second biggest regret this year after not using Bali's ev service. 5k yen per poke??? Think about your future and invest now.
  6. used trainers from 2012 to 2021 and I've never met a ev trainer as good as this. Using this service is like buying bitcoin in 1998. 10/10
  7. what do i do after downloading? this is the only mod ive ever downloaded thats just a folder.
  8. fished for 3 months~ got this 30mins after leaving my fishing spot
  9. ummm idk whats there to talk about. thats really the only method to look for it. if theres only 1 method to look for it its probably the most effective...
  10. bad boi... bad nature, bad ivs, bad gender >3< someone please send a shiny ditto
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