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  1. Holy duck I did not know drifblim had this much sauce
  2. sooooo CN just shut down the server?
  3. ive had my client in spanish for a while still get nothing :/ im also learning the language but do i have to be native born??????????????????
  4. yeah perreh told me the same bullshit. nice dude but fuck the shiny rate man. i see goku's fucking sig up there with 5 shinies in 1k hours, my first fucking shiny was after 2k hours smfh. theres literally no way the shiny rate difference is small when this jonulo man has 13xtimes my ots when im one of the oldest players why tf do devs not reward loyalty by giving old players higher rate man fucking i buy donators all the time i buy rp to support game i stay loyal for years and this how they fuck me man my butt is so salty
  5. YEAH the shiny rate is broken. they say the shiny rate difference is insignificant between accounts then why tf even make the difference if its insignificant. if the rate was insignificant then how come some people are on their 20th ot and im on my 3rd? (i gave up comp to shiny hunt and all i do is shiny hunt you can ask anyone im not just sitting afk complaining about rate not hunting). devs made a dynamic shiny rate with too high of a variance. theres literally no way the differences in shiny rate is something small. its honestly something like 1/30k-1/100k. dont none of you lame staff come up saying oh but kyu said shiny rate is good and fair fuck that theres no way the shiny rate is fair. theres no way the method that devs decide shiny rate is fair. i dont believe its based on how old your account/and how active you are its probably rng'd then devs look around for familiar names to see which one they can fuck with the most. if it was based on that ppl who started around the same time would have similar amounts of shiny.
  6. devs are lying the rate isnt static they pick your rate based on how much they like you. im approaching like 700k encounters no shiny. this rate isnt fair. illuminati. they also gonna lock this thread so you cant discuss because they know the shiny rate isnt fair
  7. thats literally the only thing that matters in this game.
  8. cant wait till dungeon is over so you can be dead sike you meant some other dungeon not this xmas dungeon yeah my b i didnt mean i had a lower shiny rate. everyone has the same 1/8k shiny rate i just have bad luck
  9. Yeah I wanna talk about this. I get devs lowered shiny rate for economy but it should be the same rate for everyone. Kinda unfair how people have different shiny rates based on dev preference. I’ve been hunting nonstop for months counted past 800k encounters and still find nothing. How can some people find multiple shiny in a week while I have found 2 in 5 years. I really question my shiny rate when I see people find more ots in 1 day then I have in 5 years. I’m slightly butt hurt and mildly salty
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