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  1. Write a bug report. I noticed that too.
  2. The fact is that in PokéMMO, to change properly a team, it is required some time and money, it's not like showdown where you can change everything in an istant. I don't use garchomp, but still I understand the issue. If I had built a Garchomp/counter for Garchomp and the day after he get banned, then I would be annoyed. Regarding the changes in the middle of a season, which is the meaning of having a season then? If you think that it would be boring (but I don't agree), then make seasons shorter. Someone cuold be stronger in a meta whit Garchomp and someone else in a meta whitout Garchomp. So
  3. I agree. It has been discussed on the forum, but still there wasn't any official announcement. For such changes, warning a couple of weeks before is needed.
  4. It's a fact that perfect ivs are always better. I don't like playng Pokémon that aren't perfect. Does that mean that I'm week? I don't think so. I just want to have the strongest version off my team that I can get. I simply don't like play incomplete Pokémon. So for my it's quite useless as a gift. If I could just have a 2x31 and egg moves usable for breeding would be better. (Sorry for my english, but it's not my first language).
  5. I agree. Expecialy if you alredy have the same pokémon with perfect IVs, this gift becomes realy useless.
  6. Yes, but it doesn't register in the pokédex.
  7. How can I register the alternative form of cherrim in the pokédex?
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