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  1. We should def.. have a team event soon and get together !!
  2. ---2020--- Team event #1 : Fields of Gold (28-11-2020) Team event #2 : Hide and Seek (05-12-2020) Team event #3 : Ho's on Horse (26-12-2020)
  3. he is already in our team volt..... for past 6 months..... lol
  4. Welcome aboard Yabba to our team :D
  5. Sure lol u have typed it twice ...Anyways..Welcome again Jags :)
  6. Welcome Dom.....Great to have you here :)
  7. Welcome Aboard Lunar :)
  8. (Art by Pellakos) -reserve-
  9. Welcome to Méoww ABOUT US : Méoww was established on 2020-06-07 by Forfost and DragonVolt . We are mixed type team in which most of them are new players and the rest are competitive players . We have a 65:35 rule type of thing in order to bring balance in team(like Thanos) . 65% of the players are new and the rest 35% are Competitive players . Our ranking system is strange compared to other teams , In our team we have Champions/Commanders(This rank is only given to Competitive Players) where they help the new players in their journey and also in
  10. Wow..Thanks alot...its looking so cool
  11. Text: Forfost [ MEØW ] Character/Pokemon/Whatever: Whitebeard from OnePiece Background: (whichcever makes it look good..your wish)
  12. Name: Forfost Team(optional): MEØW Render: Madara Uchiha from Naruto Shippuden Donations: 200k after completion
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