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  1. UU - Mkns VS KokenoCastro NU - Kriliin VS Mexidani OU - BrianAttackPro VS Azzazz @KingBowser SMOU - Zeldris VS LKrenz 200k-300k each on bold names, void if sub/dc/activity win
  2. GG, it was a good run Rest of Asia!
  3. Belgium vs Germany NU - imat VS xAnzar Peru B vs Turkey Doubles - AngelosRed VS Kamowanthere @calidubstep Lost Canada vs Brexit UU - Taystee VS BlueBreath @varietypaul Lost LC - SenorMorty VS The Amazing HannahTaylor @Taystee Won USA vs Rest of Europe OU: Archon VS bulbasaur @calidubstep Won Doubles: Cali VS Kanzo @calidubstep Rest Of Asia vs Venezuela B UU - SweetforU VS Epicverde Bet 100k each on bold names to win, only one take each please. Void if subt or disconnected.
  4. Belgium vs Columbia B OU - iMat VS AlejandroGB NU - Kriliin VS Skulldeus Portugal vs Spain LC - Manytears VS Xondex @NagaX Mexico vs Africa UU - KokenoCastro VS PoseidonWrath 200k Doubles - Chjul VS TheDH Canada vs Venezuela B OU - Taystee VS Zacmorales Brexit vs Rest of Europe LC - HannahTaylor VS Suneet @varietypaul USA vs China A OU - Senjutsuka VS Mentalsoft UU - DoubleJ VS MullenYu 300k LC - Lotus VS Elcoolio @DeadGorilla Bet on bold names, 100k each unless stated, only 1 take please. Void if sub
  5. xMikasaAckerman vs mentalsoft on Saturday 22:00 - 22:30 Beijing time
  6. IGN: xMikasaAckerman Country: Malaysia Tiers: OU, UU
  7. Definitely a great service 10/10 ! Recommending this to whoever needs smeargle ^_^
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