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  1. UU2: RobertoLlerena vs xMikasaAckerman in 7 mins or so
  2. IGN: xMikasaAckerman Country: Malaysia Tier: UU, OU, Dubs, NU Notes: Alhamdoulillah
  3. https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7ou-1330704120-sj1xsvx0kauubyil5dmkng4jtqd4i6rpw
  4. As much as i respect my boi Wally, Kriliin is on a whole nother level and i don't even need to explain myself on why that is so. You're either being ignorant enough or pretending to be not acknowledging that, either way you're such a clown for that. I'm not gonna talk about your other points because they're not even worth answering. Anyway, I'm done talking and not gonna waste any more of my precious time on you. Chatting with a newborn baby would be even better than with ignorant imbecile like you. Have a bad day.
  5. Imagine self-proclaiming yourself "super pro" and yet avoiding GodKriliin in week 4, just go delete yourself dude
  6. Yeah like i have all the time in this world to read every single post in this thread even more so care about yours
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