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  1. Thank you! :) Do you mean you wanted a theme with variety of colors?
  2. Last Update: 3/28/2020 Wild Berry Theme (v.1.0) My first customized PokeMMO theme. Simplified and Minimal. I. Theme Preview A. Login Screen B. Battle C. Trainer Card D. Pokedex, Pokemon Summary & PC Deposit Box E. Global Trade Link & Matchmaking Signups F. PokeMART II. Things to Improve Further I realized that my color palettes are the same with my Wild Berry liquid soap, thus the name :) I don't know what Wild Berry was, turns out it was strawberries, raspberries and the likes. Loved how it is somewhat related as it fits the Pokedex color and the Pokemons' love for berries ❤ Special thanks to the PokeMMO Community for helping me with my theme problems :D Wild Berry Theme Download download link (v.1.0) Poll: https://strawpoll.com/48bswg7x Should we have a "dark" version of these theme? Please choose your answer from the poll link above. Thanks! NOTICE! I haven't progress in the story yet to see breeding or contest yet, so the breeding & contest window might come off as wacky.
  3. Thanks for the help hannah! If you don't mind, how can I make a .gif work? and is it possible to add frames in order to make it appear animated? Not a coder myself hahaha.
  4. This helped a lot! Thanks hannahtaylor!
  5. Can you add a small guide on how to apply this? Thanks! EDIT: Nevermind, I found it. ...\PokeMMO\data\themes\default\res\text-bubble. Could duplicate it and do changes. Just realized that you changed it to grey. Thought the new change made was the white one :P
  6. Hi there, I just wanted to make sure: A.) Do you have either Heartgold or Soulsilver rom downloaded on your rom folder? and Have you selected the rom from the client manager yet? (The more roms installed, the better). B.) Any luck with the newer version? https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/75061-mod-sparkling-shiny-follower-sprites-incl-gen-5-sprites/ C.) Lastly, have you tried "Repair Client" Button? It fixed for me when I had the same import error. Things to make sure: Once you finally imported a mod, remember to tick the box (This is what I meant: https://ibb.co/h2J14dh) and press save after.
  7. SPECIFIC ANSWER for your question: Q: Does that mean I cannot use some pokemons as a follower in POKEMMO? A: No you can, there is a popular mod called Sparkling Shiny Follower Sprites that is made by Billla and Mortedesu from the POKEMMO forums. Sparkling Shiny Follower Sprites is a much better/updated version than Billla's older mod, which is the jump version. Mod link: Q: How to install the mod? Q: Is Everyone else not fine with it? A: With what PokeMMO can do, and knowing pokemon fans, they wouldn't like it very much. If only Pokemons from Unova region cannot follow their character, the game would feel incomplete. Even with the new Pokemon version, Pokemon Sword and Shield, there are those people who still wonder why Gamefreak developers did not add the lovely Pokemon follower feature. _ _ _ Slightly Longer Q&A: https://www.reddit.com/r/pokemmo/comments/d0p02y/how_to_make_pokemon_follow_you/fi6ohkb?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x
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