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  1. ahh thats bad, how can i get battle pints in pokemmo black then? or is it impossible, and only possible in others like fire red maybe?
  2. well, i cant go to the battle subway in pokemmo black, or i dont know how, so is it not implemented? or should i complete the story before?
  3. well its a simple question of a new, if i want to evolve anything like kadabra, seadra and other, which evolve trading, what should i do? im scary of loose a poke trading with someone who will not return it
  4. When will be it updated with new pokes? any update will be posted here? and thanks for the great work ^^
  5. thanks i will read it now i thought that too
  6. only one question, why do the parents of the poke egg im making should dissapear? if i go to the daycare the old man that on normal games gives me the egg of two pokemon if they have one, now he only wants me to trade the parents in change of the egg, that means to lose the parents and , well, im only asked why, its becouse no one will buy pokes? its that? thanks for reeding and sorry if my english is very bad XD
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