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  1. I dont think its fair at all to completely remove it just because of THAT, honestly not. They take the risk before they get it and should be prepared anyways. And even if such legendary user "needed" it for this optional thing they couldve handled it another way, making it tournament challenges only if you carrying a legendary or having a cooldown after each battle, ikd, just so many other way to get around that. Not sure how that actually works but at the same time it doesnt effect the main issue i currently have with this game, is it? :|
  2. I know its some time ago but why was this cool feature removed and turned to second tournament mode? Its been way more fun to either stay with the injured mons after a battle while getting through story or getting beaten and being sent back to the last center than.. yea, a temporary battle without any consequences. Could we get this back? Ive never seen anyone complaining about it before, neither are you forced to accept such challenges in the first place, but it really took out ALOT of fun when it was removed, atleast for me because i loved dueling while progressing in stories, but now theres only little satisfaction in doing what i had the most fun with. -> https://gyazo.com/19d66de0905191cb0944b175622f8fc4
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